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Just like your name - Cool and fresh. Colours are well chosen. You have paid great attention to details!

Hmmm if there's one thing that I wanna bring up - it would be the font use of 'We are made of ideas'. Personally think that it looked a bit out of the place.

Keep it up!



You guys not only have scored minimalism, but killed it perfectly! Personally think there's something special about this site that keep things excited and I'm not bored! Timeless and fresh. Can't wait to see what's next coming from ya!

Keep it up!

Better Web Type

Simple and slick. Minimal and straightforward. Thumbs up for that :)

One suggestion: On Content Overview section under your Web Typography Book page, would be great if you can apply sticky effect on the left list. And the title will be on focus or highlighted whenever the write up on the right is passing through.

keep it up!



Techxnonic, personally think that your branding doesn't translate well into your website. Inconsistency use of font on pages. Colour palette's not working too. Since you have individual links on each project, I think it's ok to drop the lightbox pop-up from your portfolio page as users like details.

You might need to rethink your overall look and...

Hey hey hey, nice job! Overall the site is looking decent. The brand identity is presented strongly. Love the animation of the icons!

So...what can be better? Realised that the image slideshow can't be navigated using keyboard and there's no arrows... Was forced to use the indicators to navigate...

Smooth, slick, minimal and sexy! Way to go Kiran :)

Hey there, I think you might need a facelift to your brand :)
I think you have a great motto! Would be great if you have more appealing aesthetics to support what you have! Better images for header, better font choice, better layout....more spice please :)

PDJ Limited


I respect Helvetica but I don't think this is a right font choice for your website. And do take note on the images as some of them are pixelated. Social plugins are not blending well with the site. Appreciate if you can polish the site further.



This site is well done. Everything is on point. And I strongly recommend this to Favourite! Way to go!

Fitness territory

Your brand identity is on point! Strong and bold. Imagery, layout, colour palette, etc... all are married well together.

If there's one thing to fix, I would suggest to reduce the amount of slide-in block animation as now its a bit too much and a lil bit distracting when scrolling down pages.

Great work!

I love the Owl concept! Love your illustrations by the way. Too bad that the projects are being presented in that matter. Wish to see more details since each of them are your hard work!

Keep it up!


The site design is quite dated. Lack of charms and character if you're planning to compete with others in the industry. On a first glance, I thought it's a corporate company website. Hopefully you can do some polish and wish to see more stuff from you. :)

High Contrast

The look and feel is minimal. I like the way you have the layering effect on project cards. I think there's an inconsistency with the font use. Note the fonts on contact page, blog page and rest of the pages are different.

And the pop-up box on bottom right is not appealing...unfortunately it kills the aesthetics of your site :(

Proxima digital agency

Minimal. Powerful. Impactful. Will definitely keep an eye of your work from today onwards.


You guys have totally nailed the idea of 'Less is more'! Smooth easing-in animation, well use of space, popping yellow...maybe just one thing: the layout you used on your project page. Would definitely love to see more varieties or more customised layout base on each project as each of them are unique.

MM Svendsen


Amazing idea for the background! Simple idea but great impact. Thumbs up for the branding. You may wanna check the scrolling effect. It's not really smooth whenever I scroll.

Keep it up!



Love love love your font choice and colour palette. Couple of stuff can be improved. I think the layout can be polished even more. And the site is not presented well on mobile. Lack of consistency when comes to animation effects.


Overall the site is cute. The font choice, the colour palette, the illustrations are well blended. The tiny animations keep the site exciting and welcoming too. Maybe you can add hover effect on the Try It now button?

Keep it up!

National Funding

Smooth. Speedy. Assets fully loaded. This site pretty much covered all the basic needs. :)

Keep it up!


Great idea :) Super lightweight and speedy too haha

What can be better? Give more details to your portfolios. Bring the momentum to your portfolios too since you already gave that wow factor from your landing page. It would be super cool if you have the same idea across all pages :) Remove that lightbox. You can do it!



Hey Matt, awesome stuff you have here. Colour palette, photo editing, font choice... everything harmonize so well together! And I like that you choose to be different especially the colour palette. Font colour actually goes easy with the eyes when reading and I think it's a smart move that the project images are presented in full 'brightness' ri...


Love your work Luis! I could see there's lots of effort, blood and sweat! Great attention to details.

Not sure why the scrolling speed is slow on some of the pages. And it's working fine after I refreshed the page.

I would suggest to personalise each of your category page. To present your work in the best way you possibly can!

Way to go Luis!


Site is working well and smooth. Design is a bit outdated. There's nothing wrong. Just lack of surprises. Spice it up!


#1: For example on this page( where you have to deliver long messaging, you can break them up into different paragraphs. Key points or key paragraph can be styled into different font sizes or ...


Great styling. The site is welcoming and minimal with great depth of visuals and content. Great effort. You're definitely paying tons of attention to details.

How I wish that I could understand your language.

Awesome work buddy.

Photography by Rocio


Site is well personalised.

Full of character and story.

Simple yet powerful.

Well done!

Chen Yumin

Hey Yumin, greetings from Malaysia!

The site overall is ok but personally think that it still needs to be polished. On your landing page under I've Built These section, there's missing navigation which I have no idea how to browse the cards since they are neither auto-slidable nor draggable. Same goes to Sometimes I Write section too. On your pro...

I must say, your interactive section is a killer! I think this is a great bonus to your presentation for your future collaborators/clients. I got distracted by this haha(in a good way).

Personally think that this site needs a facelift as the overall look and feel is quite dated. You have the assets! Just need to be presented in a better space.


Richmond Sausages

Love the site!! Great choices of font, warm colours and illustration. Every elements here are blended well together as one.

Maybe just one comment. Appreciate if you can make your navigation menu sticky when on smaller resolution.

On your landing page under client section, I would suggest to vertically align the text overlay as I realized some are housing 2 lines but the spacing on top and bottom are not equal. Love the way you use black and yellow as primary colours which tied a unity throughout your site. But it would be much super if you have individual page for each o...

Kinan Azmeh

Agreed with Gregor. The site looked outdated. Animation speed on your menu can be slightly slick and faster. Wish to see this site getting spice up soon.


Litehouse Gallery

This site is lacking character. I expect to see more sparks as its a platform that engages in new ideas and perspectives(as written in your page). Break the layout and get out from your safe zone!


Great sense of style!

Just a tiny issue on navigation. For example when I go through your photos, I only realised the page is controlled by keyboard when I mouse-clicked. And I had a bit of hard time looking for the exit button too.

Keep it up!

Dice Studios

Hey Dice Studios, overall designs are well executed. Thumbs up for that but seemed like you're using images for your single project page and the copy are way too small on smaller resolution. And personally think that it's not a great move to be presented in this manner to your clients.

Agreed with Gregor about the Story page. Wish to see your sto...


Site is unique. Great colour palettes, font choices and use of space. Content are great in depth. Could feel the richness and calmness by looking through your site! Definitely one of a kind.



Smoooooth. Love it! Great layout, great use of space, great choice of font use. Minimal, vibrant and clean.

For your landing page, I find the scroll speed is abit too speedy. It's like trying too catch a fish XD. Once you fix this, this site will be much super.

Way to go Rakesh!

Info are well prepared but couple of stuff might need some improvements.

I suggest to use a few cover images for each pages so user can spot different experiences between pages. They are looked the same at the moment.

For copy wise, some information can be condensed and presented in point form instead of paragraphs. And I personally think that con...

Asthenius Capital


Illustration here is great but personally think that you're relying too much on illustration which makes the site looked unfinished. Hopefully you can improve your styling on your site. :)


Wish I could understand you language! haha

Imagery is great. Information delivery is great. Straight-forward and clear. But somehow, you logo and section titles appear a bit too big in smaller resolution. Personally think that you can reduce some transitions so users can stay focus on your selling points.

Keep it up!


Couple of interesting elements happening on this site! Smooth transitions, great accessibility and great balance of white space for readability. Site is speedy too. Just one thought. Maybe you can add slightly more graphics. Just slightly.

Komodo Health


I would say this site is well designed. Messaging and information are well delivered. Clean and straightforward.

Just one tiny comment on this page:

It will be super if you can adjust the spacing between job openings so they all looked equal.

Keep it up!


Features are well-packed. Love all your UI elements.

Might need to improve your choice of images in order to make your product more promising. :)

The ArcShapeR

On landing page, I think there's a bit imbalance of space in between 1st frame and 2nd frame. And the transition between frame is a bit jumpy. Might be the scroll speed.

You might need to set another colour(probably the same colour you used for footer?) for menu. As it's slightly hard to navigate at the moment.


Clean design. Awesome font pick. Great choice of colours. Vibrant and exciting.

Just one comment. There's a horizontal scrollbar under Recent hires through Hundred5 section.


Hey there, would be great if you can insert language toggle button on your menu to support multilingual website.

Overall the design is great but lack of creativity. My suggestion is to spice it up by adding some slick transitions.

I would say everything is well prepared. As expected. Hence the site is lack of originality and surprises.
Break the limits and get out of the comfort zone!

Long Story Short


Great font pick.
Smooth transition between pages.
I enjoyed reading each of your projects.
Each of them are perfectly done.
Great attention to details.
Love your copy and execution on your About page.



Overall the site can be presented in a more slick and cleaner way. For example, removing some background images. At the moment, seems like everything is condensed and squeezed into one page.

Would be better if you can break this site into few pages accordingly by product category so you have more room to play with. As it's important for user to d...


Great choice of images, typography, and colours which create the perfect balance for this site. Love the parallax effect and the style consistency throughout the site.

Definitely modern, fresh and smooth.



Great effort on the background effects as well as other hover effects but personally think that you should find a balance between user experience and what you're trying to showcase here at its best. Sorry to say, the background is causing me a bit of headache.

Some of the clicks are really not necessary. Example on Logo page, you forced user to c...

Agreed with oninross about the slide in animations. To be honest, I've no idea that those infos are clickable till I hovered them. Especially text like '21.8 million', '20,000'.

Suggestion: Probably you can apply Black and White treatment to your background images. And use different colours on copy for each slides/sections. So user can differenti...

UI Viking


Hi Alex, this site is so unique and personalized!

Agreed with Stoyan about your landing page. Appreciate if you could have more descriptions or links, more elements(animation of astronauts, maybe?).

Totally could tell that you have put a lot of effort into this site. Bravos to that and it would be even better if you can have more detailed informat...

From the landing page, I don't quite get the purpose of parallax effect here on almost every single graphic.

Probably you can improve the css styling for your form at footer. And seems like this landing page doesn't sync with rest of the pages in terms of layout and brand consistency.

It took me some time to figure out how to go back to main page...

When I tried to browse 01. web page from work history page, it overlays on top of the page. Not really a great experience.


This site is flawless. Everything is well-planned and pretty spot-on. Love the font combination. layout, photo treatment, transitions between pages, animation.

But probably just one or two tiny little things. Whenever I clicked into a new page, footer will always be the 1st thing to me then the rest will come right after in 0.2 seconds.

And for th...

Dayfive Paris

Personally think that there's a hidden charm in this site. But wish to see more exciting elements such as more imagery for your project, showing what's best of you in each projects.

Overall, this site needs to be polished a lil bit more.

Twenty3 Twelve

For your project images on your work page, I don't think this is the best way to be presented. They should be the great essence from each of your projects. Probably you can elaborate more for each of them too! Users like details.

Overall the site is lack of creativity. Get out of the safe zone and have some fun!

Go! Eat! Bomb!


Is it only me or the site kept on saying connection closed? Sorry can't really give any proper review based on that.

Art Attackk

Goddamn...Comic Sans works! haha It's been a while since I saw this kind of visual approach. Doodle is kinda hard to pull it of on web design but you guys nailed it! There's a serious amount of effort you guys have put here. Illustration, layout, ideation, infographic and not to mention those scribbled-effect guys are definitely a ...


Not sure what's the motive behind but I don't think it's a a great move when you are forcing user to click that arrow button right when user lands on your page.

But I really really love the dark vibe here. Your portfolio is amazing and inspiring. Your creativity flows all over the site. Hope to see more exciting projects from you buddy!


Love that slick transition wipe through the screen! I enjoyed checking out all the projects you've done. Everything is well made, properly planned and tailored. Wish to see more stuff from you!

Stay cool buddy


Couple of cool stuff going on your site, little here and little there! Saw what you did to your page title :)

Love the way you use your initial name G as your main design element.

One suggestion. On Projects page, would be great if all the background images are in monotone. So it won't clash with the project numbering and View Project. And also yo...

WebTalkTo v9.2


I can see there's lot of effort on your site! This site is totally unique and one of a kind. Your logo kills. Love love love your footer.

Just some comments: - There's lack of consistency across all your project pages. Too much stuff to digest. - Not a fan of the multiple colour use with inner shadow effect on your form. I find the use of grey co...

At first glance from 1st section, I only knew this is a travel website when I looked at your logo.

When you are offering services, user would like to know the details with supported images. Not a great move of applying dark overlay over imagery. Information is not presented in the best way and it's way too little. The entire flow of site lead use...

You might need to find a balance between showing your skills and your customers' user experience. From a user point of view, I got distracted by all the effects you've applied here and I ended up not reading what services you trying to offer.

Design is a bit dated. Too many shapes and angles involved. Those overlay-effect-angled shapes are one of...

Freighter 2017


Fresh. Exciting. Minimal. Funky.

Brave enough to create a website from a whole new perspective. Love the way you break the space with different font sizes, you choice of colours.

Just tiny little one small thought, when I looked through your project pages, I realised that you've only included live URLs on landing page. It would be great to include...

Axis Agency

Didn't realize this is a one page website till I tried to check out the projects! It will be so much better if you have an individual page for each of your projects. A nice project image is good for a teaser but it doesn't fully describe the best of what you've done. Users like details.

This is a really cool website but that project slideshow is ...

Rooydaad Architects

Love the intro. Honestly don't really get the meaning of the intro page(is it a maze?) but it really stimulates my curiosity to check out the site!

Was listening to music real loud while looking through the site and I was shocked by the piano key hover effect on your side menu! LOL

FONT - Font sizes are slightly inconsistent throughout the site. H...

Joke De Winter


First thing first, just wanna say that I've spent most of my morning reading through your side projects! They are educational and fun!

Love the way you use the orange circle throughout all pages. Simple, straightforward and clear for a brand. Overall the site is pretty neat. Could tell your character based on your site. Page load is pretty speedy...



Hey ibinito, couple of stuff you can enhance/improve the site..

ICONS: All the icons used here are really different and they don't really synced together. Seems like they are compiled to this site.

FONT: Need to have more consistency on the font use. Note the font use on your landing page: MOBILE APPS, WEB APPS, ENTERPRISE APPS, INTERNET OF THINGS...


Overall clean and minimal layout. Love the use of space and colour combinations here.

My portfolio


Some of the links are not working/lead to nowhere such as the blog post link, download cv link and project link. Overall the design is ok but some features personally I find it slightly loss of meaning such as the colour swap function and dummy project links under My Projects.

A portfolio website should always be showcasing what's the best of you...

Interactive resume

This is one of a kind. Love the use of colors here. But not a fan of the font used here.Visual elements presented here are insane! Might need to improve the loading speed between pages. Keep it up! *neon-hearted*