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Eric Steuten


Eric Steuten | Creative Director & Senior Designer

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I am Eric Steuten, a 17+ years interaction design industry professional, geek, concept developer, father and husband living in the Netherlands. This is my online self-presentation, juxtaposing my identity as creative professional with the obstacles and challenges we metaphorically and literally need to overcome during our life and career. While at the same time underlining my role (hence being the owl - with a direct reference to my personal branding) as online communication adviser to my clients, helping them to overcome their 'dragons' at the same time. The site's main protagonist is strongly inspired by my son and his favorite bedtime story. The site contains samples of my career as a digital native and design thinker. I hope you enjoy it!

Janet Wong

I love the Owl concept! Love your illustrations by the way. Too bad that the projects are being presented in that matter. Wish to see more details since each of them are your hard work!

Keep it up!