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Ukrainian Railroad Ladies

Autumn Fox 2020 winner

Promo website for a book that features railroad crossing houses and their residents Ukrainian women who work as traffic and safety officers.


Anakin Design Studio v3

Fox 7 winner

Anakin is a bavarian design studio specializing in design craftsmanship and creative use of digital technology.

Anakin Design Studio

WebTalkTo v9.2

Fox 6 winner

Montreal design and web development studio of designer and author Maxim Aginsky. December 2016

This design version relocated due to the launch of WebTalkTo v10.

Maxim Aginsky

Renate Rechner

Fox 5 winner

Renate Rechner is an austrian psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. Her official website is an unique experience based on the slogan "CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE".

Daniel Spatzek

Admir Hadzic Portfolio

Fox 4 winner

Portfolio Website of Admir Hadzic, Slovenian Award winning multi-disciplinary designer currently based in Munich, Germany.

Admir Hadzic

Alexander Engzell Portfolio

Fox 3 winner

I approach every project with an understanding that its end result will be a glaring reflection of me and my clients. I never settle for acceptable - only exceptional.

Alexander Engzell

JLern Design

Fox 2 winner

JLern Design is the creative works of freelance web designer and developer, Justin Lerner, based out of Philadelphia, PA.

JLern Design


Fox 1 winner

Portfolio of UX / UI Designer Vincent Przybyla