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"Freshdesign" first review

Janet Wong

Full time job at iflix. Currently exploring UI/UX.

Janet Wong

Just like your name - Cool and fresh. Colours are well chosen. You have paid great attention to details!

Hmmm if there's one thing that I wanna bring up - it would be the font use of 'We are made of ideas'. Personally think that it looked a bit out of the place.

Keep it up!

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Fresh Design Agency

We have been developing and implementing functional internet solutions for our clients for 10 years already, starting from the concept draft to the project launch and further support.

Fresh Design Agency

Janet, thanks for Your review. We understand comment about "We are made of ideas" font - we're in inner discussion ourselves at the moment, because this font (and sign overall) was written by us when we've started 10 years ago and its more like a part of history :)

But yepp, we agree that its out of place on about page