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ISO Interactive


ISO Interactive - Award Winning Apps and Projects

As an award winning interactive group we work on both large Traditional Projects (Coca-Cola Sites, Fortune 500 employment systems) and Specialty Start-up Apps (Location based, 3D, multi-user, and emerging techologies). Developed to push the boundaries of interactive technology without plugs. The entire site serves as a multi user virtual world with games (just click on the X to venture in). If we can do that we can work on your project. It also has great industry blog articles and various project works. Enjoy!

Gregor Ojstersek

Interesting canvas virtual world :) I appreciate the work that have been put into this. A lot of micro details like playing air hockey with a bot and playing pinball. That was nice, I enjoyed it. Y...

Janet Wong

I must say, your interactive section is a killer! I think this is a great bonus to your presentation for your future collaborators/clients. I got distracted by this haha(in a good way).

Personally t...