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Pixel Industry


The ArcShapeR

The ArcShapeR is sci-fi and fantasy platform which goal is to unite authors with readers who are passionate about sci-fi and fantasy.

Janet Wong

On landing page, I think there's a bit imbalance of space in between 1st frame and 2nd frame. And the transition between frame is a bit jumpy. Might be the scroll speed.

You might need to set anothe...

Gregor Ojstersek

That unique approach to the branding is really great and nicely complemented with pretty impressive transitions. Can definitely see how much of the thought process was involved in the making.

High a...


Vincent Przybyla

I think you guys obviously did a pretty good job in attracting the user's interest right from the home page. I like the graphics and animations and obviously they give a wow effect.

My comments will...


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Maxim Aginsky

For over a decade, I have been designing things. Focusing on UX/UI for mobile and custom software application development, Brand Identity/Vision and Front-End.

Team lead and a successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative. During my career I have crafted mobile and desktop applicati...

Maxim Aginsky

Very nice!