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Webbed Feet

Webbed Feet are an awarding winning web design agency in the South of England. They have been producing beautiful bespoke websites since 2001 and have clients ranging from large corporates to small businesses.

Webbed Feet


The Travel Web Design Agency

The Travel Web Design Agency is a website that uses animated effects and parallax scrolling whilst keeping the website usable and responsive to mobile devices. It is a deliberate over-the-top visual website to demonstrate what's possible with CSS.

Vincent Przybyla

What else to say....

If it's deliberately over-the-top, hum... ok. But this kind of demonstration may fail to resonate in your client's mind.

Less is more :)


Juraj Molnár

Very bad approach. I understand you like animations, but those need to be used with caution. Animations should support the overall mood, mission and message. The design has many issues, you re mixi...


Janet Wong

You might need to find a balance between showing your skills and your customers' user experience. From a user point of view, I got distracted by all the effects you've applied here and I ended up n...