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Axis Agency


Axis Agency

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Axis Agency is specialized in Design and everything related to it. Design is what we do and we love to do it.

Vincent Przybyla

I agree with the analysis of Janet and Stoyan.

I like the bold, diagonal, square, original yet simple approach you use, but I feel like there is a dissonance between the very flat design of the visu...

Stoyan Daskaloff

I usually like diagonals. But in order to break the rhytm it's a good idea to "rotate" the design at some point. Currently everything is narrow and I started to rotate my head while reading :D

I cou...


Janet Wong

Didn't realize this is a one page website till I tried to check out the projects! It will be so much better if you have an individual page for each of your projects. A nice project image is good fo...


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Axis Agency

Thanks everyone for your kind reviews. We will take your notes in our consideration and we will update the website with what is best for our clients. Thank you