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Here at Dokmeh, we believe in making the most impossible ideas possible. Communication has risen to a level of potential accuracy and efficiency that has never been seen before. We seek to create the clearest link between your idea and your target, even if it seems beyond possibility. The link between your identity,...


Rooydaad Architects

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Rooydaad Architects is an architecture and interior design practice studio based in Tehran, Iran. It was founded in 2007 by Zahra Armand and Mostafa Omidbakhsh, an architect and urban designer couple. Since then, the studio has focused on creating intelligent process-based design solutions for the public and private sector projects at different scales. The ambition of the studio is to see the role of the designer, expanded to the most strategic function possible. To this end, the firm works in an ongoing workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, artists, graphic designers, engineers, urban designers and etc. with different cultural backgrounds. The team operates in a similar way to a laboratory in which research and development are seen as an important element of the design process. Relying on a back-to-basics approach, the studio often study on old models for future buildings, putting together the archetype and prototype with new materials, fabrication and construction assemblies.

Vincent Przybyla

With no doubt, simplicity and creativity were in the designer's mind when building this site, yet, I feel many issues, both IA and UI wise, don't do justice to the overall experience and to the bea...

Janet Wong

Love the intro. Honestly don't really get the meaning of the intro page(is it a maze?) but it really stimulates my curiosity to check out the site!

Was listening to music real loud while looking thr...