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Web designers' & developers' community.

Cssfox is a place to showcase websites, receive web design awards, find an inspiration for a web design project, learn web design from the greats and interact with people that have similar interests.

We are living at a time when the web design industry is flourishing and attracting more and more talented people with diverse backgrounds that create unique, fresh, surprising works. To distinguish and award the best websites and their creators is a real pleasure, honor and mission.

You Deserve it! - is our driving force and motto. We eagerly await your great creations on our community site.

Awards introduction

Many of our members' portfolios contain great works, but how others will be able to find these great creations? The answer is simple - the community awards will help to distinguish most amazing works and let the community know, about these websites. Each time our jury choose to favorite a new website that demonstrates outstanding professional production, all the community celebrates with the creator of the Favorite Fox.

The community Awards Jury is mainly composed of members, which websites, have been previously awarded. Our jury is tough, but fair.

Step One. New submission - Nominee

After website has been submitted for the current nomination cycle, a New Submission Auditors team will decide whether to retain or decline the submission.

After 5 calendar days, the work owner will be notified of the retention or decline of the submission.

If retention. The submission that was approved by Auditors team will then, on fifth day from the date the website was submitted, become a Nominee of the current nomination cycle. The work will appear on community main page and will be reviewed by the Awards Jury.

If decline. The submission that was declined by Auditors team won't become a Nominee. This decision applies only to the current design version of submitted website. That means, that the future versions of same website can be again submitted for the community awards.

Step Two. Nominee - Favorite Fox

Within 7 days from date the website become a nominee, community Awards Jury members will review the website. The Jury reviews are published on site so website creator can have clear understanding of Jury decisions and reasons.

The jury review concept: Each time the designer sees someone's work he/she generates emotions. Detail - emotion. The review is an emotions in the textual state.

Before Jury member publish the review, he/she must decide whether to recommend or not the website for the Favorite Fox award. If the summary number of the Jury members that recommend the website is bigger than summary number of Jury members that not recommending the website, the website receives the Favorite Fox award.

Step Three. Favorite Fox – Fox Winner

Fox Winner is a community Hero.

After the end of each cycle - the cycle is defined by the number of entries received rather than a period of time – each Jury member will choose one Favorite Fox which is, in his/her opinion, most deserves the highest community award. The Favorite Fox which receives more than others votes of the Jury members, will then become the Fox Winner of the nomination cycle which belongs to.


Fox - website at Cssfox (great Fox = great website).

Submit Fox - submit website at Cssfox.

Favorite Fox - the award is given to a website that demonstrates unique, fresh, surprising design.

Fox Tale - the story about the creation process of the website (case study). Describes and shows concept, creation process, hidden meanings of the composition and more.

Fox # Winner - highest award on Cssfox. Our hero. The best of the bests.

Welcome home, Fox! - salutation.

Rules and guidelines for our community members

Own your work. You can only submit websites that you have created. Your portfolio should contain only your works.

Technologically harmful content. Please don't upload or link to malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious or destructive code.

Avoid pornography. There may be different definitions of this, but generally, we define pornography as visual depictions of sexually explicit acts.

Seasonal award events

Autumn Fox 2020 award voting

Discover and vote the most creative, impressive, unique, innovative and inspiring websites.

Autumn Fox 2020 award voting website

Voting website
Award nominees jury reviews eBook in PDF format
Autumn Fox 2020 award nominees


Cssfox is a single word with a single uppercase C. It is always written as Cssfox never as CssFox or Css Fox nor CSSFox or CSS Fox.

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Please do not modify the logo or use it in a confusing way. The only rule: Do to another's Brand Mark as you would have them do to yours.

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