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I was born in Thessaloniki-Greece in 1982.

I started painting from an early age.

In 1992 I began to mess with graffiti, until 2001.

In 1999 I entered the university of Agricultural School which i graduated in 2005. At the same time I started writing, mainly of my various concerns.

Then I went to the army and after that ...




branding brightcleancolorfuldesigndevelopment flexiblemusic photographyportfolioart direction

Artist, Web Designer & Developer, Painter, Illustator, Sculptor, Photographer, Writer... Visit my ArtWorks Gallery. ??e? ??de

Vincent Przybyla

Overall, great works. But by trying to get too crazy, original and artsy, you're losing the simplicity your works need in order to vibrate. Yep, you know it, I'm referring to the background, the he...


Janet Wong

Great effort on the background effects as well as other hover effects but personally think that you should find a balance between user experience and what you're trying to showcase here at its best...