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LINK Creative

LINK Creative is a full service design and technology firm with locations in both San Francisco and Santa Rosa. For over 15 years, we have produced websites and business tools that are impeccable in both form and function. Our work is the ultimate blending of technology and craftsmanship.

LINK Creative


Komodo Health

brightbusiness cleancolorfulcompositiondesigndevelopment flat designflexibleframeworkfull screengraphic designhealth iconsminimalnavigationparallaxportfolioresponsive svgtrendtypographyui unique design elementsvector graphicswhite art directionweb and interactivedesign agenciestechnologyui ux

Komodo Health is a healthcare intelligence software platform that helps provide data-driven tools for healthcare professionals.

Gregor Ojstersek

Like that Industry Knowledge + Technology Expertise section. Seems like you have put a lot of effort into those svg animations.

The overall site is on point. Will give you some feedback regarding UI...


Vincent Przybyla

I noticed inconsistencies in the visual design that kind of bother me: - The sizes of the font throughout the sections of a same page - The use of white spaces (sometimes not enough, sometimes too ...


Janet Wong

I would say this site is well designed. Messaging and information are well delivered. Clean and straightforward.

Just one tiny comment on this page:

It will be super if you can adjust the spacing bet...

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