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"My portfolio" first review

Janet Wong

Full time job at iflix. Currently exploring UI/UX.

Janet Wong

Some of the links are not working/lead to nowhere such as the blog post link, download cv link and project link. Overall the design is ok but some features personally I find it slightly loss of meaning such as the colour swap function and dummy project links under My Projects.

A portfolio website should always be showcasing what's the best of you. Wish to see more character from this site.

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Arun Lal M.K

Some people call what I do User Experience Design, some call it Web design, some think I am a Front-End Developer, others see me as a UI Designer. I see what I do as a combination of all these things and ultimately don't think it really matters which label you like to use...

Arun Lal M.K

Actually, the portfolio is not yet completely finished. And now I'm concentrating on the ‘BLOG' section to make it as a platform which can share some experiences and knowledge, also need to make a section like ‘Debate', where can discuss current trends and etc with my friends' circle. All the remaining will be updated in the coming week.

Maxim Aginsky

accidental ꩜ initiates ꩜ serendipitous

Maxim Aginsky

Yep Janet.

I also was kinda intrigued with the fact that the "MY PROJECTS" section has no projects. And just one of 8 empty project titles says: "Coming soon page" - very unusual for the designer portfolio.