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"Pagepro: front-end development agency" first review

Janet Wong

Full time job at iflix. Currently exploring UI/UX.

Janet Wong

Love that slick transition wipe through the screen! I enjoyed checking out all the projects you've done. Everything is well made, properly planned and tailored. Wish to see more stuff from you!

Stay cool buddy

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Maxim Aginsky

For over a decade, I have been designing things. Focusing on UX/UI for mobile and custom software application development, Brand Identity/Vision and Front-End.

Team lead and a successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative. During my career I have crafted mobile and desktop applicati...

Maxim Aginsky

At the "our-work.html ?" - Works page, just now have noticed the horizontal scroll (I have visited this page a few times and never saw the scroll option). The last section on this page - "View more", invites you to explore "About 2534 projects more". The expectation that you going to see many great works, but after you click, you get just a message: "our projects are hidden". - The company projects page is most important element of the site and such a surprise may negatively effect on the potential customers.

Interesting, why not to say same words without opening an overlay?