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I was born in Thessaloniki-Greece in 1982.

I started painting from an early age.

In 1992 I began to mess with graffiti, until 2001.

In 1999 I entered the university of Agricultural School which i graduated in 2005. At the same time I started writing, mainly of my various concerns.

Then I went to the army and after that ...




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Soma makes all-natural skincare, made for real people and their body (soma / s?µa / in ancient greek). We believe in purity and simplicity of our ingredients, creating a company that we would prefer to buy from.

Nino Ross Rodriguez

The background image seems to distracting. I don't see the point of using waypoints in transitioning the content. It just got too distracting that I gave up halfway. It's too long, doesnt tell a st...


Janet Wong

Overall the site can be presented in a more slick and cleaner way. For example, removing some background images. At the moment, seems like everything is condensed and squeezed into one page.

Would b...