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Mays Domat

Art Director, Designer, and Web Developer

-Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts Communication Arts Dept
Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, graduated in 2009.
-Master Degree in Communication Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus.

Mays is a graphic artist who has been interes...

Mays Domat


Kinan Azmeh

The official website of Syrian Clarinetist and Musician Kinan Azmeh

Janet Wong

Agreed with Gregor. The site looked outdated. Animation speed on your menu can be slightly slick and faster. Wish to see this site getting spice up soon.


Gregor Ojstersek

The presentation of the musician Kinan Azmeh seems on point content wise, yet the site seems a little outdated UI/UX wise.

That 100% fixed height and width layout with fixed bottom footer was popula...