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Took me a lil while to get it, and that was a good surprise, thumbs up for the initiative ;)


That's a nice portfolio, and this grey color palette definitely sets a style, your own style. However, I feel like a bit more contrast could lead to a better rhythm in the layouts. And because everything is so grey, I perceive the color in your works more vivid than they may be, and I don't know why, but it feels a bit weird.

On the other hand, I...


That's a pretty cool site, and this idea of suggesting trips and creating a community around this service is excellent for people like me who never know where to go for the next vacations :P

Visually speaking, it's clean, I love the simplicity, the illustrations, and the fresh / friendly color scheme, so good job. The site could be even more clea...

What makes the difference between Design Jedis and Padawan apprentices ? I think you guys answered the question.

Your visual identity is strong, mature, rich and diverse but not invasive. You managed to bring back the shadows as an interesting layout element. You make every single page a surprise (double thumbs up for daring such a contact page)....

M2H agency


Great contents, great transitions (between pages and between sections within a page), great contrast (B&W theme), great works. Impressive. I liked that right from the start (home page) you chose to display only one project.

But just because you guys are great, I'm gonna be picky :) :

- It's a bit of a pain to scroll (Chrome), as it is very slow - ...


This is a nice portfolio and no doubt you guys are for sure a talented / creative / multi-disciplinary team passionate by what you do. And the awesomeness of this showreel should be put in front instead of being drowned into that tiny button, in the about page ;)

The choice of fonts is pretty interesting, and I liked it until there were many para...


Nice. I like the clean look, the contrast in the colors and the big bold font you use for the headings. I have to say that I'm not a fan of one page layout, but that's my personal opinion, and I won't comment that.

A few points would need some consideration: - The scrolling functionality doesn't work well on Firefox - I thing the font you use for...

Asthenius Capital


This is an interesting case...

But I'd like to say first that as a user, you freaked me out right from the start :P I suppose this disclaimer is there for legal purpose, but come on, I was very close to not enter at all! There should be another way to display it, and another wording to make that a bit more friendly.

Concerning this "unusual approa...


The content is great. Unfortunately, even if I have polish blood running through my veins, I don't speak a word of it.

I said your contents are great, but please, make them even better by letting them breathe ;) White space. White space. White space!!!

Many, many, many points have to be improved:

- First, it feels like a regular wordpress site that you barely customized. I don't feel any identity, you know, those little things that make you unique... - Too much text and no contrast in the font. Do you really expect your visitors to read paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs, especially consi...

Twin Dots


I have to say I`m a bit confused about this site, as I don't know what to think...

On the one hand, I like minimalism, and for sure you didn't fail to communicate clarity, straight to the point, trustfulness with a hint of humor. The quality of your works shows you are a team of gifted professionals :)

On the other hand, I feel like this minimalis...

Komodo Health


I noticed inconsistencies in the visual design that kind of bother me: - The sizes of the font throughout the sections of a same page - The use of white spaces (sometimes not enough, sometimes too much under a heading, it's like each section has different paddings...) - The colors: I feel like if you choose to "theme" each page with a different ...


I really like the visual aesthetic and the efforts you put in the default style of the main demo (not a fan of the other ones though).

That being said, I feel like many small improvements could help: - The slider navigation arrows could be slightly bigger. I find them too small and hard to notice. - Still concerning the slider, each slides miss a...


I like this dropbox look and feel :)

The only downside I could mention is that, for some reasons, parts of the text and UI elements are sometimes a bit blurry (tested on Chrome and FF).

I think that your site could be a case study that shows how simplicity is used to emphasize a business message. Everything is crystal clear, to-the-point, smooth a...

The ArcShapeR


I think you guys obviously did a pretty good job in attracting the user's interest right from the home page. I like the graphics and animations and obviously they give a wow effect.

My comments will be mainly UI related, and I think that some aspects of the visual design are to be polished: - I think the font is great, but you should have one for...

Lana Mueller

Not very nice to welcome your users with a "Sign up to our updates" modal ;) It looks cheap for what seems to be a high fashion brand.

The visual design is pretty well done, I like the fonts, everything shows that the user is in a high-fashion brand site.

The things that can be improved: - The way the pages are transitioning is weird : I click on ...


Overall looks clean, and gives a feeling of clarity.

I like the simplicity, and the minimalist look and feel is galvanized by a nice color palette and interesting fonts. I think both of them could be improved though.

I like the fact that you didn't use a burger icon for the nav in the lowest resolutions. Speaking about it, I feel like more love co...


This site is efficient and the design is pretty slick. But it looks like a regular wordpress site and I find more creativity could be injected.

I noted a few inconsistencies: - Only one item in the main menu is not clickable (Yiannis Marketakis), and the others are - Some buttons have a hover effect, others don't - Some text are in Greek, others ...

TDC office


All the animations feel jaggy / not smooth. It actually feels like a very heavy Flash website that overloads my graphic card :( And not for good reasons.

The visual design of the pages doesn't match the look and feel you get in the Main Menu page... I have to be honest, I find it looks old, and I wouldn't be surprised this site was designed some ...


It's a nice website and its clean look and feel, its sobriety very well serve this doctor's professionalism, while having this hint of style that definitely change from the other "medical" content we're used to see on the web.

A few point can be improved: - I thought the left / right arrow didn't work as there is no pointer mouse cursor (hovering...

Long Story Short


- Great navigation

- Great micro-interactions (the focus on your project preview is great, but it blinks a lot when I move my cursor, what about extending the hover area to the whole width)

- Great, stylish visual design / UI and good job with the choice of fonts

- Great and efficient responsive

- Funny "About" page, but I'm sure you guys can do bet...

Axis Home


Very stylish, I like the visual design and animations.

The way the visuals and the message adapts to the different devices resolution is pretty well and cleverly done, and with some more works, I'm sure you can do even better ;)

Downside is that it took me a few seconds to understand I could scroll / swipe down to switch to the different screens.



So much attention put in everything. I love the variety of the different pages' layout (but everything stays consistent), the way your works are presented, the imagery, the fonts, the white spaces, the architecture, all harmoniously contributing to communicate on your professionalism and creativity.




Overall, great works. But by trying to get too crazy, original and artsy, you're losing the simplicity your works need in order to vibrate. Yep, you know it, I'm referring to the background, the headache and the myopia I thought I caught :P As far as I am concerned, this is a problem UX wise.

Other issues: some elements look like they can be inte...

Creative initiative :) Even if it's a bit hard to browse, I like the way you tried to re-invent navigation :)

Unfortunately, at this moment, the site is buggy (each part overlays on top of each others to a point that it's not usable) :(

Senz & Senz Wifi

This single page does the job of promoting the product. Simple scrolling navigation, no "wow" effect, but it's effective. The contents and the contrast of colors are pretty nice.

Maybe persistent links would have been nice to directly jump through the sections (instead of scrolling navigation only), ot to download the app ?

The choice of fonts are...

The "make yourself at home" look and feel didn't fail to be communicated, and this coffee shop looks friendly and definitely a place to discover if I were in the neighborhood ;)

The UI and layout would definitely need improvement.

Those chunk of texts are not pleasant to read and digest. A simple thing like increasing the line-height of the paragr...



The visual design is not bad, but everything here misses a big idea, some character...

This whole site was designed for a small screen, and doesn't fit big ones very well: images don't scale well, each section is too spaced out from each other, the way the text is stuck to the image vs plenty of space on its right/left looks a bit weird. The logo...

March Branding

In the one hand, I have a feeling of freshness, partly due to some colors, the simplicity and the very smooth and fast transitions.

On the other other hand, I have a feeling of monotony. Every projects shows the work laid out in the exact same way. There is no contrast in the fonts. The color palette is not harmonious... And sometimes there is to...

Go! Eat! Bomb!

Would not play it for hours, bur certainly a fun teaser to promote your app! And it's nice to see and explore the capabilities of HTML in games :)


No doubt you're a talented designer and some of your works prove it.

I like the video as an introduction, and your works are well presented but the rhythm could be improved (the visual are nice, but the mix of font size and families is pretty boring, and it would need more space in between each section in my opinion) . And I don't know... Somethi...


That's a very cool and fun initiative and I can barely appreciate the amount of work you put into that project (which means a hell load of work). I liked the diversity of the scenes, and the humor.

I was positively surprised it works on my old iPad 2 (animation are very smooth, but loading time could be improved).

UX / UI wise, hum... Not very goo...

WebTalkTo v9.2


Wow... Ok... Ok... Where should I begin.... Maybe simply by saying you did a brilliant job :)

I would add a way to escape the menu. Not a fan of the music playing (when hovering the menu), but I can understand the humorous tone. On the portfolio / home page, a bigger title on each project links would provide a better visual anchor point. And you ...


I like a lot of things, yet, some other things should be revised in my opinion. Let's start with the "thumbs down" :)

I'm not sure the navigation should be displayed the way it is: 2 links only. That may me think the information architecture could be improved. Speaking of which, I was a bit confused with the project page. Would be cool actually i...

What else to say....

If it's deliberately over-the-top, hum... ok. But this kind of demonstration may fail to resonate in your client's mind.

Less is more :)



I like the dark and simple, yet original and fresh layout you chose to showcase your portfolio. I like the contrast of the colors with the dark grey background, and the huge bold fonts that subtly blend in. I like the contrast between the fonts, even if I feel they would benefit from a bit of more work (but it's just my taste) :)

I like your appr...

Am I the only one who find the cover particularly intimidating ? lol Feels like the plane is rushing to leave a city where something just exploded...

Almost no information, weird use of imagery / choice of fonts, the sliding cards provide more dizziness than actual information...

The top feels like an action movie, and the bottom feels like a fash...

Axis Agency

I agree with the analysis of Janet and Stoyan.

I like the bold, diagonal, square, original yet simple approach you use, but I feel like there is a dissonance between the very flat design of the visual elements in your layout, and the glossy and rounded logo / devices featured.

And yes, show more works ;)


The home page feels crowded because of the fonts, the icons, the colors, the misuse of negative spaces, and too many micro-animation.

The portfolio page could benefit with a scrolling navigation. When I landed on the first project, I didn't see the arrow on the right, tried to scroll but nothing happened (FF and Chrome). I thought you actually on...

Rooydaad Architects

With no doubt, simplicity and creativity were in the designer's mind when building this site, yet, I feel many issues, both IA and UI wise, don't do justice to the overall experience and to the beautiful contents.

- The intro can definitely be a curiosity grabber, but after seeing it, I doubt about its purpose. - It took me couples of tries to ge...

Simple CSS

I like it. And much more, I will probably use it and share it through my team :) But Come on! I don't think this kind of work has its place here ;)



I can't say anything against the cleanliness and simplicity of your portfolio, it's pretty effective. But I agree with Tim, it's too simple, lacks creativity and feels like a template you bought, even if apparently it's not. I like the Bootstrap code, and the structure is semantic and light. I like the contrast of the fonts, but it's a bit conve...

August Studio


Overall, the simpleness and the prominent use of nice imagery (over text) contribute to make this portfolio a bold, straightforward and relatively pleasing experience. The site appears well, and loads quickly on mobile, which is appreciated :)

Many details in the UI should be improved though: - The covers in the home page, in the work page, and i...