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I'm a French UX Designer and Art Director, originating from Poland and currently living in Canada. I see every project I am involved in as an opportunity to go further, providing my clients and employers with quality materials and a great working relationship.

Vincent Przybyla

Overall, great works. But by trying to get too crazy, original and artsy, you're losing the simplicity your works need in order to vibrate. Yep, you know it, I'm referring to the background, the headache and the myopia I thought I caught :P As far as I am concerned, this is a problem UX wise.

Other issues: some elements look like they can be interacted with (cursor change to zoom / drag), but it does nothing. Concerning your projects, the "more info" is useless, as in fact when the user clicks one of your work, he should be directed to the actual "more info" page. Speaking about it, I'm not a fan of the grey background, and I feel like you could express your originality there (for instance the layout of the photos and texts).

I jumped very quickly to the Virtual Gallery and had a more pleasurable experience. The "more info" is a bit annoying as it doesn't give that much info and thus is not necessary. I managed to catch the Kokomon thing, but was confused concerning how to get back to the gallery.

I can't blame your intention of being crazy and original, but to my opinion, it doesn't serve the quality of your works (which are awesome) ;)

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I was born in Thessaloniki-Greece in 1982.

I started painting from an early age.

In 1992 I began to mess with graffiti, until 2001.

In 1999 I entered the university of Agricultural School which i graduated in 2005. At the same time I started writing, mainly of my various concerns.

Then I went to the army and after that ...


Thanks Vincent!! I will think your opinion... Best wishes!!