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"WebTalkTo v9.2" third review


I'm a French UX Designer and Art Director, originating from Poland and currently living in Canada. I see every project I am involved in as an opportunity to go further, providing my clients and employers with quality materials and a great working relationship.

Vincent Przybyla

Wow... Ok... Ok... Where should I begin.... Maybe simply by saying you did a brilliant job :)

I would add a way to escape the menu. Not a fan of the music playing (when hovering the menu), but I can understand the humorous tone. On the portfolio / home page, a bigger title on each project links would provide a better visual anchor point. And you don't need to display your clients recommendation...

... As your works speak for themselves.

Creative. Rich. Full of surprises. Beautiful layout. Beautiful works. Nice transitions. Nice fonts. Nice texts. Awesome!

I've spent a long time on your portfolio and enjoyed every minute. I'm impressed. Amazing job Maxim.

No doubt, we have a winner ;)

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Maxim Aginsky

UX first UI Product Brand Identity Front-end.
For Custom Software / Mobile / Web.
Team lead and successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative.

Maxim Aginsky


It is a great pleasure to have you as a visitor on my portfolio website and the honor to have your opinion as a Cssfox judge. Any person will feel great satisfaction and peace (or fire) hearing from talented men words such as – Brilliant job, and I am not an exception here. Thank You!

1. "I would add a way to escape the menu"

Yep. I left the implementation of this option to the end of the work, but never get back to it. On other hand – not fully sure about this – in some point I probably planned to force user to choose, when the menu has been opened. Well... I agree that better not to force the user.

2. "music playing"

I have launched this version a few weeks before the Christmas, so the use of the song was thereby justified. The music still there just because of the priorities – simply could not get to it yet.

3. "bigger title on each project"

Yep. On the white it is looks better, the difference is better presented than on the dark blocks. I have tried to find the right balance without adding any additional classes. You are absolutely right; this is tiny, but very important detail.

4. "don't need to display your clients recommendation"

The original plan was to use little number of projects. To compensate little presence of the individual projects I have decided to use the client's testimonials. At the end of the work I realised that this parts are not necessary any more, but you should know how hard to remove parts of the composition in a final stages of the work. I have tried, but it simple did not worked for that moment. So I have decided to leave it as is.

Thanks a lot Vincent for the review of my work!