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"MAKE UP LAB" fourth review


I'm a French UX Designer and Art Director, originating from Poland and currently living in Canada. I see every project I am involved in as an opportunity to go further, providing my clients and employers with quality materials and a great working relationship.

Vincent Przybyla

This site is efficient and the design is pretty slick. But it looks like a regular wordpress site and I find more creativity could be injected.

I noted a few inconsistencies:
- Only one item in the main menu is not clickable (Yiannis Marketakis), and the others are
- Some buttons have a hover effect, others don't
- Some text are in Greek, others in English
- The use of the white space is not even throughout the pages
- The lightboxes' ui is not consistent with the rest of the site

Other than that I feel like the mobile version would need more attention (for instance, certain buttons are cut off), and more micro-interaction would help to make it less static.

Overall I understand that is Yiannis is a talented and artsy guy, so the site succeeded in conveying that ;) You're on the right way!