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Here at Dokmeh, we believe in making the most impossible ideas possible. Communication has risen to a level of potential accuracy and efficiency that has never been seen before. We seek to create the clearest link between your idea and your target, even if it seems beyond possibility. The link between your identity,...


TDC office


TDC office website

Vincent Przybyla

All the animations feel jaggy / not smooth. It actually feels like a very heavy Flash website that overloads my graphic card :( And not for good reasons.

The visual design of the pages doesn't match...


Gregor Ojstersek

Lets start at the beginning. That Click here to enter doesn't seem like it is neccesary. Preloader would be just fine. That would get rid of that extra step the user needs to take to get to the goo...


Nino Ross Rodriguez

At first glance, I thought this was a site done in the 90s. Click Here to Enter is so old school. I dont see the reason why one should be putting it up there.

For an architectural company, the dots ...