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I like the clean look and feel and the main colors - green and blue are working pretty well together. Also I think that the site is well structured, the spacing around the content is breathable and complemented with nice scroll animations. I can sense an animate.css fan, combined with wow :)

Also some of the parts of the sites are cleverly connec...

Oh Your Lash


Interesting one pager! It's great how you managed to put all the key information on a single page. The informations provided are really strait to the point.

Also you have managed to pull of the e-commerce aspect with the checkout page on a left sidebar with a single payment option. I like it. The user can easily find all the needed informations v...


I can sense a Sublime text user :) I am also using it, but when I'm building a certain type of an app/site, VS Code is a better fit for me with more niche type extensions :)

I like the creative aspect and the idea. It certainly stand out from other more traditional type of portfolios. You could also make some glitchy type animations on the code, ...



Hey Matt, nice portfolio! I enjoyed browsing through it. Those animations and interactions are great.

You clearly put a lot of effort in to details and that can be seen by those micro interactions like that carousel at the about section, scroll animations, image revealers and so on.

Also the development side seems well done (nicely handled client ...

Way360 Group

I Like the visual aspect of the site. I think you have done a good job in presenting a fun group of creatives in an out of the box thinking way. Some elements of the site are pretty clever like that "What we do" section with hover text revealer in a letter matching game. I enjoyed that. Also some of the pictures on the site are hilarious like th...


That's a really cool idea for an app. I can see a lot of potential in it. Also the work you (your team) have done to make the experience as it is, is admirable - illustrations, video, the whole site's branding, animations, micro interactions etc.

I'm just curious how many people was involved in this, because I can see some nice server - client ef...

HICX Solutions


Very clean layout. The content is easy to read and line-heighted nicely - it feels very breathable. The sections are sperated very consistently and also the illustrations nicely complement the content. Also I like that you put the reading time of the each blog post in the blog archive page.

My suggestion is for the UI. It would be fun to make the...

This is exactly the feeling I want to have when I'm navigating through the design agency/studio site. And the feeling is really nice. You took the word minimalism to the next level. Spacing, animations, interactions, design elements, consistency, the whole package is absolutely amazing.

Also the font choice is really interesting. If somebody woul...

Magic Logix


I like that you guys wanted to step out of the comfort zone and make something not template like. It tells me that you are not afraid to be different than other agencies, so kudos for that. And I also think that you have done a good job at it.

Yet in search of that unique style, you can easily get caught up in to not so consistent and so compleme...

Interesting canvas virtual world :) I appreciate the work that have been put into this. A lot of micro details like playing air hockey with a bot and playing pinball. That was nice, I enjoyed it. Yet, you can get pretty caught up into that section and forget what the site's goals trully are.

The other sections of the site feels outdated, I can se...

Richmond Sausages


I like the overall presentation of the brand (story, products, recipes) + the overall feel of the site is providing trusty vibes about the brand and products. Also the branding illustrations nicely complement the content and pictures.

The UX part is well done. The content is well thought out - a nice story of the brand which is giving trust to th...

M2H agency


Love the attention to details guys! It seems like you have thought about every little detail of the site.

That minimalistic black and white approach complemented with rich transitions equals amazing digital experience :)

Those transitions are really nice to watch and go nice together with your unique elements. I specially enjoyed that nice hover t...

Kinan Azmeh

The presentation of the musician Kinan Azmeh seems on point content wise, yet the site seems a little outdated UI/UX wise.

That 100% fixed height and width layout with fixed bottom footer was popular some time ago. It's not really the best choice for the common pages, because you would need a lot of tweaking to present great experience for mobile...

I like the initial preloader and scroll animations plus that yellow on black makes a nice contrast. The choice of fonts Dosis + Open Sans feels good. I remember Dosis font for that bulleted zero :)

Some things regarding UI / UX and the overall front-end optimization came to my mind while browsing through the site.

- I like the presentation of you ...

Dice Studios


I like the overall visual look of the site and that revealer of your work picture on hover seems nice. Also the works that you have done are great and the presentation of them is visually nicely done on desktop.

Will give you some suggestions/feedback.

I know you are Dice Studios, but I would really like to know more about you - where are you from...


Really nice portfolio Nick! I like the colors, the font choice, the interactions, the design consistency. Good pick on the animation easings. You have made all the right choices regarding your personal brand. Plus the logo is great and animated nicely via preloader. I can really see that you have a keen eye for design aestethics.

Also the works a...


That showreel! Nice. Can see the creativeness in you guys. Really like that you are trying to be different with that unusual nav layout (the logo at the bottom left on desktop). Also the desktop nav transition is nice.

Like the variety of the work you do and the quantity is really respectable, but I would really like to see some more nice details...

Stelar Booking

I like the mysterious aspect, that slight parallax, the minimalism. Some things about the UX and the UI caught my attention.

- The goal of the site wasn't so clear to me at the beginning. It's a great asset to be mysterious :) but, you have limited time to give the user what he/she wants :)

- That onclick details about the stars should be seen onh...


Like the minimalistic and clean approach. That gradient as you're branding element is great! The overall feeling while browsing is also good. The subtle animation-delays are giving that nice delays between animations.

A minor issue is that gradient text doesn't seem to work on Internet explorer.

Some suggestions about the overall layout and the UI...

Asthenius Capital


That elephant walk in the disclaimer page is fantastic. Really realistic, except maybe a little too fast going from point a to b :)

Ok, let's start at the beginning. That first disclaimer on enter when the cookie is not already created, could be done via pop up or in the left/right bottom corner, that would be better regarding UX, but I'm sure yo...

The site is providing the necessary information to the user. It does the job, but if you wish to stand out more from the competition, you need to put some more character in the design - some more branding elements :)

Every page has the same hero image. You should provide some diversity. I liked that fixed background section named "Web Design Expe...

Twin Dots


That minimalistic look & feel. Nice! Like the feeling of breathable content.

Let's start at the first page. The slogan and the explanation of it is very creative and well delivered. Maybe you could consider putting a cta button like "Check our work" or "Contact us" at the end of the explanation, because you got the user's attention and you could ...

Great online, interactive presentation of a book. You have managed to bring a pdf version to life with interactions :)

Some issues that I have came across with:
The back button doesn't work, the custom made scrollbar doesn't work on Firefox + Internet Explorer and scrolling + animations are not really smooth on Internet Explorer.

Other than that, n...


Nice clean look of the presentation and also the app. Everything seems well tested and well researched.

Great consistency of the UI and the feeling you get while browsing is really positive.

Feedback from my UX perspective. Had a little hard time to get to know that you have more pages available, because I am more used to navigate through the navi...

Komodo Health


Like that Industry Knowledge + Technology Expertise section. Seems like you have put a lot of effort into those svg animations.

The overall site is on point. Will give you some feedback regarding UI and UX.

First the UI: - You have various different line-heights. Line-heights should be proportionally to the font-size. The most common usage is: lin...


Like the consistency of the elements. Every UI element is giving that sporty feeling - the choice of typefaces, italic style, the indented cta buttons, icons, interactions.

There are also a lot of different possibilities for customizing the theme, with a lot of different features provided (forum, shop, shortcodes). Seems like, you have thought ab...

Lana Mueller

The site has a clean and minimalistic look and feel and the presentation of the brand/fashion designer seems well done. However, there seems to be some inconsistencies of the UI.

The second thing (after the e-mail signup) that caught my eyes was the 10px letter-spaced logo with Times New Roman typeface. That is not really the best way to present ...

The ArcShapeR


That unique approach to the branding is really great and nicely complemented with pretty impressive transitions. Can definitely see how much of the thought process was involved in the making.

High attention to the details by micro-interactions that are happening all over the site. There are also a lot different features - e-commerce, forum, news,...


Let's start with the presentation page. It does the job. The theme is well presented with demos and the overall look is nice. Some minor issues:
that words changer at the beginning seems a little buggy on change and the background hero image is not showing on the phone (Chrome and Safari). Possibly because of the fixed position.

The theme seems we...


The site has a clean and modern feel with high quality images that nicely present the protagonist of the site, Yiannis as a great make up artist. Yet some aspects of the site could be more consistent UI and UX wise.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the mixing of English and Greek. That is not good regarding UX. I would recommend that you m...

Long Story Short


The site is visually amazing with a great sense of humor in it. That is really a recipe for success.

The choice of fonts - Playfair Display + Proxima Nova - a really great combination to complement your overall style - really liked the 4px letter-spaced version on the subheadings.

The projects are at the top level and so is the presentation. It wa...

The site has a nice first impression and the overall look & feel is good, however some things could be taken for consideration.

Some special characters such as z are displayed differently than other characters. That means that you should load the Latin Extended Open Sans version of the font. That would make the characters consistent.

The animated ...

Like that logo transition on scroll, but not really a fan of your white serif text overlay over the video. That should be executed differently. The choice of a serif typeface for all of the site content is also not a good practice. I would suggest to pick a nice and clean sans serif typeface for the content.

I dont't think that footer links are n...

TDC office

Lets start at the beginning. That Click here to enter doesn't seem like it is neccesary. Preloader would be just fine. That would get rid of that extra step the user needs to take to get to the good parts. The News page is in some other language. For the portfolio page, I was expecting the presentation of projects not the about page. Architectur...


The site seems well presented regarding content and the overall page consistency is there. Also the branding part seems like you have put a lot of effort in to so kudos for that!

I am sensing some improvements for the UI part that could be taken for consideration. I would change the overall sections padding to 0 and make all the sections full wid...

Axis Home


That's a cool way to present your app.

The animations on transition are nice and smooth with big titles. The mobile version is great, maybe the thing that I miss on desktop view is the transition navigation (bullets). That would make clear where I am currently stated and also that would initialy be more intuitive that you could scroll (or click o...


The scrolling is very smooth and goes well together with parallax effect and subtle animations. The name Smoothly is definitely on point. Visually the presentation is very effective, except the Pol Solsona section with that image changing, that is just too much, but I get that you wanted to present that section as creative and stand out from oth...

The animations are great and the attention to detail is on a high level. The interactions between the elements are really on point with good timings. Like the fonts, the grid and the composition of elements. You have been really consistent throughout the whole site.

The UX is fresh and surprising at the beginning, but when you go through a lot of...


The site feels fresh and clean and I like the color pallete. I personally like combining blue and red and I think that you did a great job of complementary implementing them. The UX and content also seems good, but I am not really a fan of customizing a pre built theme. There is just too much unnecessary code in there and the performace is suffe...

UI Viking


Congrats on launching a fun personal site. Can definitely see that you have put a lot of effort on branding. The colors and fonts are nice and consistent and like the preloader.

The thing that is missing is some more interaction between the elements. The implementation of parallax and scrollable animations could be considered. On the home page I ...


The site seems good regarding UX and content, but I am sensing problems with UI.

It's not a common layout for a header section and I don't think it's really working. It seems fine if you have a picture on the right side, but with text, not so much. And the white heading on yellow background is hard to read.

The thing that caught my eyes the most, ...

messageNOW PR


The site seems well thought out and presented. I Like the hover animations and that gradient heading at the beginning, but overall the site needs some more effort on the specific elements.

The part that I miss the most is the consistency of the design elements. You have played it safe with the Helvetica font, but then tried to break from the safe...

Dayfive Paris

If you wish to stand out from other agencies, you need to make improvements on your site. The problem is within your branding. You need to find that unique elements that define you.

It is overall an ok site, but it is failing to provide that "wow" moment that we all want to see from creative agencies. I am not getting the feeling that you provide...


Like the connection between what you do (make 360 videos + complementary music) and the WebGL experience made with krpano.js at the begining (including the video). This is the main page attraction. The flat view in the video doesn't seem to work in Chrome 57.0 and the video performance is bad on Firefox 53.0.

You also tried to get that minimalist...


A lot of character in the design and great approach in presenting yourself as a company and your team in a creative way. However, some things should be considered.

I didn't know that you have a carousel on your front page right until I accidentally clicked the rectangles on the left. I would suggest that you highlight the carousel more, because y...