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"M2H agency" third review

Gregor Ojstersek

Crafting beautiful things from design phase and all the way to finished and developed phase.

Gregor Ojstersek

Love the attention to details guys! It seems like you have thought about every little detail of the site.

That minimalistic black and white approach complemented with rich transitions equals amazing digital experience :)

Those transitions are really nice to watch and go nice together with your unique elements. I specially enjoyed that nice hover text changing headlines (sharp, unique, creative, young) in the about section.

Let's not forget about the nice quality + quantity of the projects. I am amazed of the quantity and the top level quality :)

A minor issue is that scrolling doesn't seem to work on Internet Explorer 11.540 + the speed of the scrolling is a little too slow for my taste :)

Great design consistency, great creativity, great agency :)

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M2H agency

M2H creates unique digital experiences and branding solutions. We spend much of the time to make it very simple and straightforward, to make the brands revive and blossom.

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M2H agency

Thank you very much, Gregor! )))
We will work on the minor bugs you've mentioned.