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This was a vibrant site that matches the subject matter perfectly.

As always, Ill start with what the design team clearly got right. They nailed the mood and atmosphere of the club and what its like for kids to actually be a part of it. That sense of purpose and fun clearly comes through in the written content, colour palette, icons and typograph...


Short and sweet. That's how Id describe this website. Instead of the typical clichéd corporate site structure, theyve gone with a minimal sitemap that takes the user straight to the heart of the content.

Since weve become so used to scrolling on most websites, it does take a second to realise that this is a different kind of site. But once you d...


Its always tricky to review a fellow designers work. Since this is all subjective, I am always aware that each creator would take a different approach in designing his or her website.

In this case, the approach was simple and direct. The entire site from the sitemap structure to the layout and colour scheme was straightforward and gets straight t...


This was a really fun promotional site with a set of stickers that truly capture the experiences of coders and other industry folk. Everything from the colours, typeface to the little animated stickers come together to create a simple scrolling experience that's perfectly suited for this kind of site. Simple and sweet but quite effective.

The sti...

Digital Dot


Simple and straightforward. Thats how I would describe the design here. I suppose they've focused on usability and content, so the pages load quickly and the layout is pretty uniform across devices and browsers.

However, I did feel the site lacked a bit of personality which would have nicely balanced the heavy content filled pages. I would have l...

Insight Hosting


This was an interesting one. The colour palette stood out more than anything else and it was encouraging to see something different. The taglines and image selection were passable although the image quality and colour overlays leave much to be desired.

Overall, Id say theres definitely room for improvement in both, the layout as well as the overa...

Vert Caméléon

Nicely done. The neumorphism style works really well when used in context and this is a great example. I really liked the muted colour scheme and simple fonts which fit the neumorphic design style perfectly. There were a few places such as pop ups and the footer section which were inconsistent with the overall theme but nothing too serious. The ...

In many ways, photography websites allow designers & developers to really push the envelope with their creativity and this website is no exception.

I really liked the site, especially the little personal touches with the quirky typeface and the subtle dark grey shades used for the background on the index page. Works perfectly with the image thumb...

Umami Ware

This was a truly unique and original site. Its not traditionally pretty and nor are there any cinematic visuals to entice you. In fact, at first glance I wasnt even sure about the colour palette until I remembered what Umami meant.

This makes it all the more amazing that the design team has managed to create such an immersive experience relying o...



While this website is not groundbreaking in terms of animation or UI, it is nonetheless sufficiently appropriate for the work that they do. As a matter of fact, I found the straightforward honest approach to the design and content quite refreshing. Everything from the UI and typeface selection to the actual written content echoes this perfectly.


So, Ill start with the positives. From a Design perspective, the site was relatively traditional, simple and easy to navigate with an abundance of solid readable content, especially in the articles and work sections. Apart from the background images obscuring the navigation links on the service and quality pages, the design is clear and function...

Nemetz AG

A bold and functional site that doesnt waste any time beating around the bush. I particularly liked the illustrations and choice of typeface. It all comes together nicely with the tried & tested, yellow, black and white colour scheme.

However, for the sake of playing devils advocate, I would perhaps look at simplifying the final order page. All t...


This was definitely an interesting site. Of course, it helped that the subject matter was so unique and specialised.

Ill start with the positives first. The layout was clear and easy to navigate. Each of the product categories and the brands USP were highlighted clearly throughout the site. And visually speaking, the typeface and photography were...



This was definitely one of the more refined websites Ive seen. Theres actually a lot going on in terms of animation here. However, by creating a relatively simple layout and timing the animations perfectly, the designer has ensured the browsing experience feels smooth and easy rather than overwhelming or frustrating.

My only critique would be the...


Collaborative design projects involving more than one team can often be challenging to execute. More importantly however, the end result can quite easily become an amalgamated mess of several ideas and opinions.

This is why it was refreshing to see a website like this one with a direct simplicity and clarity. This comes through in everything from...

Oui Paris Pâtisserie

When it comes to product based e-commerce websites like this one, the proof really is in the pudding (pardon the pun). But from what Ive seen of the initial design and user experience, I wouldnt be surprised if the site performed well.

I loved the food photography and the simple clean blue-white colour palette. Moreover, the user experience is st...

Trans Nordic Tours

This was a nicely designed website. I really liked the simplicity of the layout, colours and the visuals. And while the design does seem a bit template-like, there are just enough creative elements to keep things interesting. I especially liked the social media integration in the footer and news page.

If I absolutely had to find fault, I suppose ...



Weve been seeing a wide range of designs on CSS Fox lately. And while some of them do knock your socks off, others are a little less inspirational.

While I did like some elements such as the taglines and header/footer animations, Im afraid the basic layout and design didnt work for me. There were just too many minor errors, both from a content as...

brandOn v14


Its always really interesting to see how other designers approach their own portfolios. If done right, it really showcases their design style & personality in addition to simply listing their work. This website is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

The whole site structure and layout follows a clear logic which makes complete sense. However, t...

Galleon & Caravan

This was quite an interesting website although a bit simplistic in terms of content.

I particularly liked the concept behind the brand. Really captures ones imagination. The typography and colours are also well chosen. Just unique enough to stand out and add some character without seeming too quirky. Moreover, the double sided visuals and animati...


Not every website design is meant to knock your socks off with jaw dropping visuals and animation. Some of them just need to effectively communicate a list of services, inspire confidence and convert visitors into clients. This is one of those sites.

With that being said, I actually did like the design. The sans serif typeface and pastel backgrou...

Im afraid this website just didnt work for me. The overall visuals were fairly unimpressive and there were several little alignment and spacing issues on various devices. Moreover, a lot of the interactive elements could have been designed much better. The problem is that all these little niggles add up to create a user experience that seems to ...



Loved the whole idea behind the website. Seems like it would make for a really useful tool for industry professionals like architects and interior designers.

From a design and usability perspective, the site works well. The layout is simple and functional without coming off as too basic. All the design elements work well together and help keep th...



So, Ill start with the positives. I liked the isometric illustrations used throughout the site. And the animation on the homepage. They really bring the concepts to life and definitely add a little fun to an otherwise dry subject.

However, I couldnt help but notice there are several areas where the basic design could be improved. The most obvious...



Really liked this website. The layout or animations were not groundbreaking by any means. In fact, at first glance, it tends to almost look like another typical agency website.

However, it was the handcrafted illustrations and content that got me interested. When done right, this combination works really well and conveys a feeling of authenticity...


If I'm being completely honest, this design didn't blow me away. While there were one or two pages such as About Advance, which were somewhat interesting, I'm afraid the rest of the site felt pretty standard.

So, while the website does an acceptable job of showcasing your theme's features, I think there is definitely room for a more creative solu...

TMS Outsource


While I wasn't blown away by animated effects or artwork, there is still something very pleasing about this site. I suspect it might have something to do with your no-nonsense, straightforward approach to creating a design that just works.

Moreover, you've peppered just the right amount of apt illustrations and little animations to keep things in...

Eau de Wattwiller


This is a well designed site with each element playing its part in creating an immersive experience. As a result the design is fairly well balanced without any single element trying to overshadow the others and distracting from the content itself. I especially liked your page transitions and on scroll image animations. They may not be groundbrea...



Its always a challenge to create websites for organizations that specialise in highly technical products & services. So, bearing that in mind, I must say, the site works well. I really liked your colours, typography, layout and your overall design approach.

I also enjoyed the accompanying illustrations & icons which are done beautifully. They...

eJeeban Web Design


Theres something to be said for simple straightforward designs that just work well. This is one such example. While it didnt blow me away, I must admit the site does work well across different devices and is easy to browse through.

Technically, my major critique would be to use media queries to address high-resolution retina devices. This is espe...

The Digital Panda


Its always interesting when designers use illustrations + animation to inject personality into their agency sites. And on the whole, I think the site has potential but it lacks refinement in several places.

Id look at adding a bit of contrast between your illustrations, typography and your background. Some of your panda illustrations dont really ...


I liked the SVG icon & background animations you've used throughout the site, especially on your Homepage. They add an element of playfulness and finesse to the site. Not bad considering you have also taken the time to create your own Wordpress theme.

My only concerns were the performance issues in Safari and your Contact page which seems to glit...



Liked some parts of your design, especially the profile images and the little parallax effect youve got going on. However, considering the subject matter, I wasnt too sure about your choice of typography and colour. Especially your title font, which seemed a little too delicate and feminine. There were also some inconsistencies in the design as ...



To be honest, I was initially unimpressed by the seeming simplicity of the site. However, once I began exploring the pages it got progressively more interesting.

For me, its the almost perfect balance of an interesting yet usable design and the way theyve curated their own work. From picking the right projects to achieving the right mix of imager...

WebTalkTo v11


So, let me begin by saying i really liked the website. The deceptively simple minimal layout, soft pastel colours and subtle animations all come together quite nicely. Also loved the menu concept and the little surprising touches like the footer tagline. With that being said, I did find myself wanting a bit more detail about the studio and the p...

Made by Gelpi

Really liked the attention to detail given to your pre-loader logo animation and the little icons like the one on your About page. Also, really loved the short videos on your project pages giving your users a little peek into your creation process.

Overall, the site is sufficiently detailed with just the right amount of personalised touches. Not ...


Interesting shades and I liked the icons and logos you created but I did want to see more of your work. Maybe a few mock ups of the logos being used on stationery or billboards. Would definitely add a bit of depth and make the website more engaging. Also, maybe a little contrasting shade to break the monotony of the orange hues.


I loved the simplicity and the no-nonsense approach to the design. Matches the subject matter perfectly. Also liked the slight quirkiness with the rotating ticket symbol and the oversized logo on the left.

But most of all, I liked your typographical choice both, in terms of the font you picked as well as the sizing on different viewports.

Ester Digital

Absolutely love your illustrative style and the colour combination you've gone with. As well as the little animated clips you've got on your Home & Service pages.

The only things I'd have done differently would've been to add a Next/Previous button at the bottom of your inner project pages and maybe a creative hover effect for your Project Thumbn...

Loved the background graphics and the dark textured background colour palette. Combining these visuals with slick animations and page transitions delivers the perfect mix of subtle sophistication and a sharp efficient approach.

Congrats! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Loved the site, especially the various hover effects - true to the brand - minimal but with that crucial coolness factor. Not too sure about the way you've shown the prices but otherwise loved your work.

Love the different illustrations by the various artists. Each one is relevant and interesting. And the animation really brings it home. Awesome work and a big thumbs up.


Love the straightforward honest approach youve taken with the website. This honesty and passion for your craft comes through both, in your content and your images. And while the website is not groundbreaking from an animation or layout standpoint, it seems to work perfectly as a tool to showcase your work and your personality to potential client...

Daoust Cleaners

Love the clean look you achieved (pardon the pun). Especially liked the animations you added, from the homepage distortion effect to the little button effects and entry animations for each element. Also liked the colour scheme you created. Everything seems to work together organically and smoothly.

I did find a few minor issues like some typos (h...

Really liked the Menu auto hide animation combined with the scroll progress indicator. Definitely creates an interesting effect. I would have liked to see a bit more in the inner pages but all in all, a nicely put together site.

You may also want to look at your written content. The phrasing and structure sounded a bit off at certain points.

We Build Ideas


Liked some of the vector artwork, especially the homepage animation and the fun little pieces peppered throughout the site. Keeps thing light while still being relevant to the subject matter.

However, I found that there was simply too much content competing for my attention throughout the site. This might have more to do with your typography and ...

Move to Brasov

Really Simple & Interesting concept.Especially liked the button hover effect you've used. Seems to work well with the image transition animations.

42 Technology

Liked the site, especially the block reveal animations which were timed perfectly. I also liked the Case Studies page which was visually interesting.

All in all a nicely done site.


Really loved the layout. Everything from the spacing, typography and the visual look and feel. Its different enough from the typical template sites to be interesting and yet familiar enough to encourage users.

I'd just re-check the language if I were you. (Ref. Menu - Company - Prodcution Process)

Smith Institute

I agree with Jenish. Particularly liked the typography and the simple clean look you've accomplished. Seems to work well for the subject matter.


Really enjoyed browsing through the pages. Definitely liked the parallax/ hover effect for your case study images and the amount of detail you guys put into each case study itself. But the highlights for me were the animations throughout the site. Whatever they lack in terms of innovation is made up by the level of finish you delivered. Everythi...

Ian Jones


Really liked the minimal approach to the page, the subtle greys, the grid and the mini slideshow previews within some of your project thumbnails.

Would have loved to see some inner pages giving us a little peek into your creative process or maybe some images of the finished designs from different angles. Would definitely add a bit of depth to the...

Hélas Limited

Personally, Ive never been a great fan of the whole retro collage design style. It just didnt seem that impactful when compared to really strong elegant visuals. With that being said though, this approach does seem to work perfectly for this particular brand. Also, underneath all the visual noise seems to be a really well executed site. I especi...


Everything about the site is neat and efficient, which is perfect when we take into consideration the subject matter. From the clean simple layout, typography and colour scheme to the slick animations. I also liked that you didnt overwhelm users with too much written content or too many links.

The only thing I might have added would be a Call-to-...

Web Effectual

I agree with Robert. The Colours, Typography, Animations and Layout seem to work decently together but I'd definitely add more to the inner project pages to make it a bit more interesting.

I think WordPress Theme sites often get a bad rap. This could be because so many of them are just overloaded with as many interactive elements as possible. So, its refreshing to see a WordPress theme site with a clean uncluttered look.

I especially liked your colour palette and the simple but effective use of white space.

That being said, I really...


Nice job with the Design. I especially liked the soft colours and gentle background animations. It all seems to work together without becoming too intrusive.

The only thing I would have done differently would be to reduce the massive amount of content in your central section. Maybe use accordion style sections or animated icons to give the reader...