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"FRIENDS" first review


Karan is a Creative Director/ Visual Designer with 6+ years of experience in Digital Art Direction, Branding and Print Design. His design style tends to be visually rich and memorable.

Karan Patel

To be honest, I was initially unimpressed by the seeming simplicity of the site. However, once I began exploring the pages it got progressively more interesting.

For me, its the almost perfect balance of an interesting yet usable design and the way theyve curated their own work. From picking the right projects to achieving the right mix of imagery with enough content so it doesn't just become an endless parade of photographs. I especially liked the little eyeball icons responding to directional mouse movement and things like the expandable client list section.

If I had to nitpick, Id say some project pages are extremely detailed while some are a bit too brief. All in all though, the site definitely works for me.

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Maxim Aginsky

For over a decade, I have been designing things. Focusing on UX/UI for mobile and custom software application development, Brand Identity/Vision and Front-End.

Team lead and a successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative. During my career I have crafted mobile and desktop applicati...

Maxim Aginsky

Hey Karan. Finally we are on the same page :)

Nice work!