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Galleon & Caravan

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Galleon&Caravan is a new service, specialising in cross-border bank-to-bank transfers working primarily with (but not limited to) companies and individuals in the music, arts, and entertainment sectors.

Many years ago, galleons and caravans used to facilitate the exchange of goods, services, and ideas. Today, the Galleon&Caravan want to continue that tradition and help their clients take the risk out of trading across borders.

Galleon&Caravan is a payment service that combines the best traditions of financial services and modern financial technologies. This combination of opposites East and West, traditions and new technologies, art, and finance became the basis for brand identity. Galleon&Caravan is a service that transforms these opposite.​​​​​​​

Karan Patel

This was quite an interesting website although a bit simplistic in terms of content.

I particularly liked the concept behind the brand. Really captures ones imagination. The typography and colours a...


Galleon & Caravan

Galleon & Caravan