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"Telegram stickers for developers by Evrone" first review


Karan is a Creative Director/ Visual Designer with 6+ years of experience in Digital Art Direction, Branding and Print Design. His design style tends to be visually rich and memorable.

Karan Patel

This was a really fun promotional site with a set of stickers that truly capture the experiences of coders and other industry folk. Everything from the colours, typeface to the little animated stickers come together to create a simple scrolling experience that's perfectly suited for this kind of site. Simple and sweet but quite effective.

The stickers themselves are full of personality and playfulness. I have a feeling the illustrator must have been given an open ended brief and plenty of room to let loose. Im sure the sticker pack will be excellent PR for the parent agency. If I had to come up with something to critique, I would have set the header anchor links to open in new tabs but that's about it. Hope to see more in the future.

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Maxim Aginsky

accidental ꩜ initiates ꩜ serendipitous

Maxim Aginsky

Very good Karan !