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medani & section-e

VIENNA TWENTYTWO is made in cooperation between two Viennese agencies, medani and section-e. We bring innovation, strategy, design and technology together to produce awarded websites and online shops. Founded 1998 in Vienna with a background of more than 500 successful online projects, our certified experts create t...

medani & section-e



The modern and sustainably-built construction-project VIENNA TWENTYTWO in the Viennese Danube-City is one of the biggest real estate projects in Vienna. The Website was developed in cooperation between two Viennese digital agencies section-e (design) and medani gmbh (UX, animation, programming). The website contains various detailed animated city-views, with special mobile-friendly UX solutions. Custom-made animations increment the joy of use and the usability of the project, and make it strongly applicable to a large and diverse public audience.

Karan Patel

Collaborative design projects involving more than one team can often be challenging to execute. More importantly however, the end result can quite easily become an amalgamated mess of several ideas...


Video Hero

The intro of VIENNA TWENTYTWO showcases a video, which ist the perfect way to produce an emotional overall impression on the first glance. Our developers integrated loading optimizations to keep the website performant.


UX animations

To improve user experience VIENNA TWENTYTWO uses custom micro-animations to focus the paths of the users on interaction-highlights, such as areal views of constructional maps with different views or visualizations of traffic and infrastructure.


Custom Optimized Mobile Views

The website uses mobile-optimized maps, to showcase architectural and environmental plans to the audience especially on small devices. Additionally the site meets the WCAG-A requirements to make its content highly accessible.