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Karan is a Creative Director/ Visual Designer with 6+ years of experience in Digital Art Direction, Branding and Print Design. His design style tends to be visually rich and memorable.

Karan Patel

Its always a challenge to create websites for organizations that specialise in highly technical products & services. So, bearing that in mind, I must say, the site works well. I really liked your colours, typography, layout and your overall design approach.

I also enjoyed the accompanying illustrations & icons which are done beautifully. They seem to really complement your written content without overshadowing it.

However, the site definitely needs a bit of creative animation to help liven things up and retain interest. Something to elevate it from a well done corporate website to an award-winning one.

Good job though. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Maxim Aginsky

accidental ꩜ initiates ꩜ serendipitous

Maxim Aginsky

Very true Karan.