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"Eau de Wattwiller" first review


Karan is a Creative Director/ Visual Designer with 6+ years of experience in Digital Art Direction, Branding and Print Design. His design style tends to be visually rich and memorable.

Karan Patel

This is a well designed site with each element playing its part in creating an immersive experience. As a result the design is fairly well balanced without any single element trying to overshadow the others and distracting from the content itself.
I especially liked your page transitions and on scroll image animations. They may not be groundbreaking but they are relevant to the subject matter and timed perfectly, so they keep things interesting without interfering with the reading experience.

If I had to nitpick, I might look at adding a next & previous article link at the end of your blog articles so that the user doesnt have to keep going back to the main blog page each time. Something similar to your press page.

Other than that, Id have to say job well done. Keep em coming.

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Maxim Aginsky

UX first UI Product Brand Identity Front-end.
For Custom Software / Mobile / Web.
Team lead and successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative.

Maxim Aginsky

Great work Karan!