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Lana Mueller

That is bad UX to ask your users to subscribe first before entering the website. Users dont even know what the website is about and you are already asking them to subscribe.

Collections tab is not working.

From what it looks to be a high fashion brand seems to lack the omph factor of being a high fashion brand. The homepage could be further improv...

Komodo Health


Nicely done! Its neat and clean and reflects of what they offer. Just a minor hiccup (though dismissable), is in the homepage (Industry Knowledge section), where one of the nodes happen to overlap the text. Another thing is that there is a horizonal scrollbar on mobile devices. Other than that, its a well crafted site.


Microinteractions are nice. Clean design. Probably forgot about the horizontal scrollbar on windows :P looks unfinished.



The background image seems to distracting. I don't see the point of using waypoints in transitioning the content. It just got too distracting that I gave up halfway. It's too long, doesnt tell a story. It feels half-baked

At first glance, this agency website would be nice until I scrolled down to the parts of the videos. 1) its distracting while I'm trying real hard to read the text. 2) the text is just hard to read.

For the portfolio page, aside from me seeing the actual site, I would like to know more about the project. But apparently, by clicking on the image i...

TDC office


At first glance, I thought this was a site done in the 90s. Click Here to Enter is so old school. I dont see the reason why one should be putting it up there.

For an architectural company, the dots doesn't really reflect of who their are. I understand its a cool thing but it suits for other kinds of themes/businesses.

There is no structure to the ...



Not much can be more said about this site. It is clean, it represents who they are and communicates well on what they do. I would trust them if I were to hire them as an agency.

One minor flaw though. The pages tend to be long and navigating to another page requires me to scroll all the way back up. A sticky nav or a back to top to help the users...


I like how the parallax is applied to the site. Everything seems to be running smoothly. Thumbs up for the micro-interactions as well.

My only feedback is the Demo 4 - Exclusive section. I feel that there are other ways of presenting a "creative" section instead of an animated gif of switching images every 0.5 secs. It hurts the eyes and too dist...

Its an interesting way of displaying numbers and statistics. I like the grid and the transitions. It was entertaining at first but it got a little boring and repetitive as you progress through the sections. It would be nice to actually animate the numbers as well. Not just using the simple slide in animation, but include the counting up also.



I like the site. Its clean, simple and straigh to the point. It may look simple but it is effective. The color chosen makes me feel confident that this company will deliver. The animations are simple and subtle enough not to be irritated. Good job guys!

The parallax effect was too much for me in the website. It didn't suit the theme of the site also. The animations also is a bit too much for the website. There is a time and place for animations. It seems to be distracting as you go deeper to the site instead of being an aid to the site

The form is not properly styled. It looks broken.

What confus...

Nothing spectacular, a brochure site that does its job, to let the clients/users know who they are. Probably the only thing that got me off is the bold Contact link. The moment I landed on the page, scrolled up and down, I thought I was in the Contact page.

I like the simplicity of the site and how it is direct to the point.

The site reflects of who 11 Coffee and Co is and its inviting with the clean look and use of typography and line drawings.

Some comments though:

You could increase the line height just a tad bit as its too packed for the paragraphs, a bit hard to read

Big play button in the Our Story is misleading. Users are already used to how YouTube is displayin...


I love this site. This is well thought through and everything is just smooth as butter.

I love the preloader.

I love the micro-interactions.

I love the transitions.

I just love this site. 'nuff said


Dayfive Paris

The site in general has a clean minimalist look, straight to the point. I like how the case studies are presented.

However, there are some bugs that I found on the site.

1) The mobile menu doesn't seem to close after the user has tapped on close.

2) First time I visited the About page, I didn't know that you had to scroll on the content to see the ...



The site served its purpose, delivering information to the users. There is a hint or two in the site that suggests its for wine enthusiasts but it still lacked character and branding. There is no omph factor.

The navigation doesnt work for me. At first glance, I wouldnt event notice that there is a navigation. It is a bit distracting also for mob...