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Nama Home


The first time you visit the home page, it becomes obvious that you have a well-balanced composition in front of you. Let the purpose of this craft is to present the works of other creators, it is not a calm canvas - it holds on by itself, complementing and emphasizing the graphic content. I would also like to note the animation component. Somet...

Break it.


An impressive craft with webgl usage. The first visit certainly succeeds in delivering that "wow" effect. Smooth animation transitions show a high level of attention to details. I would also like to note the simultaneous use of rendering on canvas and animated html (like on the work page), which improves performance without losing quality. The l...

McBride Design


There's something enthralling about this work. The combination of deep colors, background animation and smooth transitions on every user action puts you in a bit of a trance. You have done a very good job of achieving that feeling. Most impressed by the overlays on the home page.

However, for me as a developer, there're some details that make you...


This craft is more of a presentation than a typical site on the web. It has great illustrations, well styled text blocks and calm background colors. The main page feels like a complete composition, images entrance animations are smooth.

On my 21 inch screen site logo, Google Play and App Store button images are a bit blurry, but that's not that b...


An interesting work without a doubt. Short videos on the desktop version of the home page give you a clear idea of what selected project is about. Every case study page has its own feel, but small animated details make them even more special.

Every page has great visual effect mainly due to high quality images. And the page loads quickly enough. ...


High quality images are the strengths and weaknesses of this work. You'll have to wait quite a bit before you can get the full experience this site can provide. But your patience will be well rewarded. The design emphasizes the concept arts on the page. Animations and page transitions are smooth. Page caching is also noteworthy.

But I have a few ...