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"McBride Design" first review


I'm backend & UX-developer. Music addict. Fond of different crazy stuff, like iframes on iOS. Author of slash conspiracy theory. You never know when one slash will ruin your whole routing.

Still reading this? Great, so, uhm, don't take a word above seriously. Except the first sentence maybe. You see, my music dealer ...

Andrii Zhukovskyi

There's something enthralling about this work. The combination of deep colors, background animation and smooth transitions on every user action puts you in a bit of a trance. You have done a very good job of achieving that feeling. Most impressed by the overlays on the home page.

However, for me as a developer, there're some details that make you return to reality. Of the functional flaws, I found only one on the News and Press page. When you go to the second page of news of any category, except for All, the category changes to All.

The rest are just minor improvements:

  • On the Who we are page, the carousel sometimes scrolls too much when dragging with the mouse. And both rows should move at the same time.
  • On the News and Press page there's no image preloader, like on Projects page. And the images are too large for their containers, so the page load time is longer than it could be.
  • Sometimes, when the user navigates using the Back and Forward buttons, some animations aren't performed. And there's an unexpected movement as well, like on a single project page, when images are enlarged when you click Back.
  • When the user tries to navigate via menu to the current page there's no need to reload it.

Still, this is definitely a candidate for the FavF status. Recommend.

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Maxim Aginsky

UX first UI Product Brand Identity Front-end.
For Custom Software / Mobile / Web.
Team lead and successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative.

Maxim Aginsky

Very well crafted! Cheers >)