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Medcorder - mobile app

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Medical conversations can be confusing. A doctor may use terms or treatment options that are complex and unfamiliar to you and only presented in a short conversation. You may need to quickly make decisions based on these conversations that could be life or death.
Medcorder is a free mobile app to record conversations with your doctor, transcribe and share them with friends and family, so you can make better-informed decisions together.

Open the app when you sit down with your doctor, get permission from them to record the conversation, and hit the record button. As soon as you're done with your chat, we'll save and automatically transcribe what happened and send it to those you have invited into your "health room" - perhaps your spouse, your cousin studying medicine, and your best friend from high school who had a similar condition. These people will get an alert and can right away start helping you understand what's been discussed. If you are given forms or test results, just snap a picture of them and share it with your team.

Take care of health with Medcorder!

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