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Maxim Aginsky

"No. Be a better leader", "Crying heart", "Online Kotel Notes", "Resting spinning top".

Designer & founder
WebTalkTo Montreal design and development studio and Cssfox - Web designers' community.

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F5 Studio


Very well developed homepage entering desktop viewport. Great work!

Clear and informative message (head line).
Great work with the responsiveness and small animations!
Definitely, the impression of this first section is welcoming to explore more site's content.

However the Hire Us button kinda tells you - "OK, you have seen everything. Do not need t...

Gabiano holding

An empty Word document opened and ready to be spoiled with the black lines of text - emotions ("The review is an emotions in textual state.").
This is going to be fun!

The first impression is absolutely great. Well-crafted intro animations taking the visitors full attention and creating trust from the really first moments of the visitors interact...


I love simple and beautiful Above the Fold!
Kudos for the choose of the headline font.
The home page visually - very appealing.

When hovering the hero title of the home screen, an arrow indicates, that user will be taken somewhere else. Same time when hovering on the hero image of single case study, nothing show you that there something going to ha...