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Suner and Garcia

We are SunerGarcia. We are an innovative digital marketing agency that focuses on building around technology and consumer experience. We build exciting brand experiences for our clients.

Our team is a fine assortment of movers and shakers, creatives, designers, planners, tech enthusiast, and all around hard workers. ...

Suner and Garcia


Suner and Garcia

branding development minimaltrendtypographywordpressweb and interactivedesign agencies

This is our agency website we wanted to create a simple and clean design. We tried to go really minimalistic and focusing on the brand SUNERGARCIA.

Robert Fiszer

Hi guys, your website is very clean and clear. I like the fact that all the things you can find there are where you expect them to be so the navigation is very easy and pleasant. I think that you s...


Daniele De Santis

A nice clean website, with a good choice of fonts and colors.

The fullscreen home intro is minimal and visually impactful, while the text animation repeated throughout the website is a good way to m...

Olivier Hannes

Hello Partner!

The website is efficient, on the UX point of view we clearly know where we are and where we need to go to reach the info we want. It could be interesting to put forward a bit more you...