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Hi There!

I love the concept - Nice / clean / simple design - good Job. and also your selection regarding to information collection is really nice - well-done.

Few things you can improve,

A Navigation - as long as you don't have hi-level searching to the website - your navigation has to be smoother and nice and clear. at now looks cultured, it shou...




I really love the slider / color combination / the effects / specially I love the character + Image masking - really love it. it is one for my fav style. but I think the slide The Best you can improve more. well - you have done good Job - now let's go to the next part.

I went to the site. generally fine, but found few things which can be not...


Simply nice. no word or suggestion for the site. Nice Color and I like the typography. but the 4th slide 36days - is not sharp as other - not sure why?

but I think you can do better for the contact I means you just added email address link - I would suggest you should highlight the contact information.

On the smaller resolution site doesn't effici...


First impression is wow! easy to use for the user, and really clean UI.

Nothing I would say - you should improve, prefect combination of all the things. I'm really impressed about the color-art which you have used on co-op page. nice creativity. love it.

Well I notice color combination is not good on the contact page, contact page is heart of the ...

Gabiano holding


The videos looks great.

But ... The site is not user friendly, and the navigation is not working fine on Window + Chrome. sometime it's working perfect and sometime it doesn't, For e.g - when I down and up and click on Contact - it doesn't work. also user can't find the actual content easily - as when we are scrolling - you are changing a page! s...

Move to Brasov

Just fantastic! awesome. everything is great. but you could think some thing about the UI specially on smaller screens like mobile. on mobile its not user friendly.

But Still I love the site. Nice man! great work.

Smith Institute

Overall site experience is good, few things you can improve, for example the navigation case studies is in 2 line, not sure why, other I can see move down element but it is not visible at front-end. (
Banner and content area having too much wide space on some resolution some resolution are fine.

Specially I love ...

Web Effectual


Everything is really good. Solid coloured, texture background, smooth scrolling, animation, animation time is perfect as well. clean and nice content presentation, Dotted edge. everything is awesome. Good work. I'm impressed.

Few things you can improve.

on the work detail page the content is overlapping to the image, another things I notice on the...

Things are really great. specially your colour combination are really great. very good. simply awesome.

1 thing i notice, some where text is overlapping to icons, may be you can eliminate the icons on the hover state.. for example "Maximize employer 401k matching" rest things are great. good Job.


Great animation, Just want to say, you could use some different colours for the fonts so that can be more visible to user. rest are great. love it