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Jenish Mandalia

With over 10+ years of development and management experience, Jenish helps IT companies and Marketing Agencies achieve their development goals. Jenish is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction and guiding i-Genesys' strategy and growth. I-Genesys are Wordpress Development Company in India, USA, The Netherlands.

I am the creative person and developer both in mind. I have much experience working with several environments as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular-js, PHP5, WordPress, Joomla and many more CMS...

Jenish Mandalia

Hi There!

I love the concept - Nice / clean / simple design - good Job. and also your selection regarding to information collection is really nice - well-done.

Few things you can improve,

A Navigation - as long as you don't have hi-level searching to the website - your navigation has to be smoother and nice and clear. at now looks cultured, it should be clear and easy to readable / access.

On the mobile / iPad - some of your resource - images are not good, it looks totally blurry, you can use the retina images so looks fine. and take care about the mobile as well.

Another things - I think some of collection showing in wrong category, not sure didn't went in details but for the Prompted item - I personally don't think you need to show in every category - you just can show in relevant category or in homepage or etc..

But all-over I gave you 9 out of 10 - Nice. good job. keep it up.