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Works page :

- You have 2 strong and nice colors in your identity (turquoise & purple), so use them by using duotones or putting an opacity overlay on your Works photos. Here you kept original photos and you loose harmony and coherence in your design.

- It would have been more interesting/subtle to see your logo (and the astronaut in the menu as w...


Hi there,

There are some good ideas about the transitions in your site. The sliding which is mixed in a horizontal and vertical way is well done. I'm not a fan of big flat color but still this is a personal choice. I think big flat colors make you lose accuracy in your design and this should be more "clean" without or with less flat colors.

Pay at...

Ian Jones


Interesting approach.

I really like the "print on the web" creative axis but it deserves a bit more settings to be totally astounding. You have great ideas, such as the contact button opening a layer on the header. Same for the global design of the portfolio. I would love to see a bit more of your work and about your approach, it seems we only ha...

Suner and Garcia

Hello Partner!

The website is efficient, on the UX point of view we clearly know where we are and where we need to go to reach the info we want. It could be interesting to put forward a bit more your cases, you have done beautiful stuff so we would like to see more of it. Your site remains classic and the boxed format allows you to stay "safe. We...

Well... Develop a modern one page is always complicated but keep from A to Z the same design and format will definitely not help.

I don't feel comfortable navigating through your site, we have a visibility problem with the overlapping of typo's. I'm not fan of the color to describe your universe. I don't have any issues with the choice of color, ...


Great job,

The pro's

- very impressive universe nicely transmitted

- technically on point

- nice experience

- ui

The con's

- a bit complex to apprehend, the message could have been clearer

- the about part

- a clear contact me could have been a great idea

Well done!


I was curious about your portfolio website but I'm positively surprised. Your animations are well done and I like the minimalist way of thinking. The 3D effects are greats and we have a real impression of "well finish" website. A single "bémol" is just the boxing format, I'm sure you would have reached a amazing experience if the whole design w...