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Mohsin UX UI Designer

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Mohsin is a UX / UI Designer. He likes making other peoples ideas and visions into real tangibles. He loves creating experiences that you'll fall in love with, his professional journey continued as he nurtured his creative side through graphic and web design, and transitioned into UX design, which extended his ability to develop more effective solutions for his clients.


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Maxim Aginsky

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Maxim Aginsky

When first time entering the site, you explore a white canvas, without a message or loader hard to understand what is going on.
The contact button at the right, bottom corner, overlys the go top button.
When hovering the portfolio items, doubble titles - one is nicly animated at the center of the block, other is ugly a tag atribute "title".
Design is all about details. You have original ideas. Keep going!


That looks nice and clean ! Good Luck!