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Cowork Berlin

Cowork Berlin is an initiative to give an easy overview of quality coworking spaces in the city. Since the rise in popularity of coworking spaces as a roaming ground for startups, digital nomads and freelancers, Berlin has been at the forefront of this movement, seeing spaces popping up all over town, from Wedding to Neukölln.

Born out of a frustration with the continuous claim of a "vibrant community" and "flexible workspaces", only to be met with a concrete room with some wooden furniture a...


Berlin By Food

Berlin By Food is a boutique food & culture initiative that offers people guided tours highlighting the citys foodscape. This is reflected in its minimally designed website, where typography colours and visual language relate to earthy tones of the Berlin streets.

The websites text is set in Metric (Klim Type Foundry), a typeface inspired by Berlin street sign typography. The logo as well as the lined-white-box visual language also refer to street signage and wayfinding. Intertwined in this is...


Inflight VR

Introducing the general public to the amazing possibilities of VR-based inflight entertainment was the main goal of the web experience for Inflight VR. The visual language of the site engages the user to browse how the platform works, and get a sneak peak of the projects and content.

The modular structure allows the fresh company to grow the website along with their development into a fully operational inflight entertainment platform.



The wine—art website aims to immerse the visitor into the passion for wine, its stories and wine activities through a minimal, discovery-oriented web experience. Instead of being presented with the full depth of the site, the visitor is invited to explore the (bilingual) content.

The line definitions in the logo and illustrations plus measured colour palette help set this tone; and when you get to the end of the page, don't hesitate to simply ‘Say hello' and get in touch with the team!

As a...