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Juraj Molnár

Juraj Molnár is a graphic and interactive designer. He works as the Creative Director at Buzzworthy Studio in Brooklyn, while also taking on freelance projects that pique his interest.

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I can see that you put a huge effort to the custom scenes and i appreciate. I just don t get the point of what should be this site about. You are art director, but where can i find some of your projects? Navigation is very poor, the text is fading out before i can read it. So i can basically about clicking the cursor and see the changes of the s...

Very bad approach. I understand you like animations, but those need to be used with caution. Animations should support the overall mood, mission and message. The design has many issues, you re mixing a lot of colours and shapes and it s almost a pain to read the content. There is no consistency, the flow is bad. I am unfavorably surprised in eac...

My portfolio

How can you upload for the award site like this? This is half done work, site is not even working, portfolio is empty, links broken, and design seems as it s few years old template. You have to take your time in the future and prepare everything before final launch. This can harm your name and business much more than not having a site at all. In...

Simple CSS

There is no doubt that this very handy tool for front-enders. But unfortunately the content is the only thing i can appreciate here. The design is lacking creativity and it uses old approach without any innovative or attractive elements. Therefore its design can not compete with current modern looking websites and i can not suggest this piece fo...