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"The Travel Web Design Agency" first review

Juraj Molnár

Juraj Molnár is a graphic and interactive designer. He works as the Creative Director at Buzzworthy Studio in Brooklyn, while also taking on freelance projects that pique his interest.

Juraj Molnár

Very bad approach. I understand you like animations, but those need to be used with caution. Animations should support the overall mood, mission and message. The design has many issues, you re mixing a lot of colours and shapes and it s almost a pain to read the content. There is no consistency, the flow is bad. I am unfavorably surprised in each section and it asks me to pay a huge attention to get the point. You are also using purposeless sections that only divide other sections. Very huge mass and imbalance. It s like a mix of everything without paying attention to basic design principles. Definitely not suitable for award.