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You seem like a very aspiring young designer, with a bright future ahead. You have a wide arsenal of skills at disposal but you need to focus on harvesting the ones you really stand out at.

Your portfolio does the job, yet it fails to deliver on it's promises. Some of the first sight flaws are for example the broken native scroll experience on th...

Freighter 2017

Very creative but still needs better UX treatment and attention to detail.

It was very hard to navigate and distinguish the individual sections and content. I also don't like the treatment with the typeface, lack on consistency and use of visual context and hierarchy.

A very perspective group of people :). Make sure to stick with what makes you gr...



A very basic and straight to the point portfolio layout, with very basic representations of your work and skill set.

I would have preferred a bit more depth and attention to detail on the project representation, since there is very little to no information about your workflow and way of thinking. If you look at your projects, without any context,...