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"Andrea Pedrina - Portfolio" second review

Admir Hadzic

Multi-disciplinary award winning designer currently working as a UX Engineer @Google in Munich, Germany. Jury member @CSSDA.

Admir Hadzic

You seem like a very aspiring young designer, with a bright future ahead. You have a wide arsenal of skills at disposal but you need to focus on harvesting the ones you really stand out at.

Your portfolio does the job, yet it fails to deliver on it's promises. Some of the first sight flaws are for example the broken native scroll experience on the landing page... even tho the scrollbar clearly indicates the fact that the page is scrollable, you push the user into a forced experience with a single call to action that can easily be missed on the page (the video and typography are visually much more dominant and powerful).

You did a great job explaining your thought process and workflow throughout the projects, yet you failed to deliver the missing attention to detail and consistency on the mockups (skewed devices etc.).

Keep it up and I'm sure everything I bashed about here will soon be a past once you get to the right level of experience.