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Maxim Aginsky

Designer & Author - UX - Information - Processes - Full-stack - UI - Applications/Web.

Founder of brandOn - Montreal design and development studio & Cssfox - Web designers' community.

"YOUNEEDIT". iOS social app v2 - Project on WebTalkTo

YOUNEEDIT is an emotional balance reporting social app that allows a person to document emotional balance, share and control it through the use of iDevices and iAssistive technology. This promo...


Dark user flow

Screens and identity elements on the dark background. A bit different angle of view.

Dark background texture evokes not the best associations. As far as I can tell, a website with such concept as Kotel Notes requires brighter motive. - Drew I agree...


User flow. Desktop screens set

This work has just one scenario for the user: Loader - Form - Success message - The Note is published.