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Art. No Borders.

Art. No Borders. Plovdiv. is called the 25th edition of one of the most prestigious events of visual arts in Bulgaria - Week of ContemporaryArt - Plovdiv. It presents internationally acclaimed artists from Europe, USA and Japan, whose works affect the existing of the human in the present days: who we are, the people of the 21st century, where are we going and are we capable, sacrificing part of the comfort we have, to keep the world for the generations to come? The direct aim of the website w...

I-Creativ Studio

I-creativ studio is a small creative team of designers and web developers that can bring in the spotlight the best of every business. The strength of I-creativ web studio is the elaboration of complete projects from the concept, visual identity, photo shooting to web design, web development and promotion. The studio...

I-Creativ Studio