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Luxury photo booth hire in Sussex, Kent, Surrey & London
Kennymax Visual Designer
Luca Volino - Portfolio

Luca Volino

I am a designer specialized in UX/UI, currently living in Rome, Italy, where I have been working as a freelancer for about 6 years. I work from the user experience to the visual details and then transform these in working code. I am a minimal designer and I really like the simple and elegant style.

Estudio Koi
Capital Minded
Buzzworthy Studio

Juraj Molnár

Juraj Molnár is a graphic and interactive designer. He works as the Creative Director at Buzzworthy Studio in Brooklyn, while also taking on freelance projects that pique his interest.



HI, my name is Vincent Negre, I am a french Art Director

Avocode 2017 UI Design Report
Modulos | A Fully Modular Desk

I'm the co-founder and Art Director of BytePanda, a design and web development agency; and founder and CEO of Modulos ( I've always been a relentless tinkerer and a sucker for cool new products and design.

I have experience working on many different international products and areas during...

Ian Jones

Ian Jones

I work on mixture of independent projects and also with creative agencies. I try to cover many disciplines (sometimes too many) and focus on creating interesting, high-quality work.

Marco Chan Design