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A culture driven Web Builder


Portfolio of Gianluca Rinaldi

cleancolorfulminimaltypographybackground images

Online portfolio of Gianluca Rinaldi, Web Builder freelance.
In this website, I present a selection of my past and more significant works, describing the design context, the story behind each project, the challenges that I've faced and the accomplishments gained. Thank you for visiting!


Comments 4

A culture driven Web Builder

Gianluca Rinaldi

Thank you so much Yohannes! Really appreciate your comment (: Have a wonderful day!

I-Creativ Studio

I-creativ studio is a small creative team of designers and web developers that can bring in the spotlight the best of every business. The strength of I-creativ web studio is the elaboration of complete projects from the concept, visual identity, photo shooting to web design, web development and promotion. The studio...

Yohannes Artinyan

The project doesn't mess around too much with conventional UX, its minimal and clean. Impressive interactions and smooth transitions! Good job!

A culture driven Web Builder

Gianluca Rinaldi

Thank you so so much Maxim! Really appreciate your comment (:

Maxim Aginsky

For over a decade, I have been designing things. Focusing on UX/UI for mobile and custom software application development, Brand Identity/Vision and Front-End.

Team lead and a successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative. During my career I have crafted mobile and desktop applicati...

Maxim Aginsky

Love the visuals. "BAAM" landing and moon story is great !