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Hyperboink is an inspired web development group that embraces an excellent service for clients satisfaction. Our team provides services based on client's idea plus our idea to make it stand out more among others.


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I'm backend & frontend developer. Music addict. Fond of different crazy stuff, like iframes on iOS (sarcasm). Author of slash conspiracy theory. You never know when one slash will ruin your whole routing.

Still reading this? Great, so, uhm, don't take a word above seriously. Except the first sentence maybe. You see, ...

Andrii Zhukovskyi

Awesome parallax, but when user wants to navigate to some section with the menu there's no background animation, except for the picked section.

Maxim Aginsky

For over a decade, I have been designing things. Focusing on UX/UI for mobile and custom software application development, Brand Identity/Vision and Front-End.

Team lead and a successful product maniac. Self motivated detail hunter. Flexible. Communicative. During my career I have crafted mobile and desktop applicati...

Maxim Aginsky

Cosmic page :) I have scrolled back and forth many times. I have a feeling that the Recent Works section can be presented better, this important section looks very different from the rest great details.

Also when you keep animate things on scroll back to top, it is a bit confusing. Beautiful!!